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Office design masters here to meet fans

Two special shows characterizing the work of European and domestic office design masters are among the attractions alluring visitors to the 15th China International Furniture Fair (CIFF) in Guangzhou from March 26 to 29.

Ten top designers at the forefront of the nation's environment art and design field and Finnish furniture designer Yrjo Kukkapuro have been invited to display their work space designs in the shows.

The shows are expected to portray the latest trends in work space design as well as enrich the cultural side of the CIFF, said the fair's organizer

In addition, the shows will bring participating furniture manufacturers up to date on popular modern office decoration and furniture design both at home and abroad, which they may use in their future design, production and sales strategies, the organizer said.

Over the years, the office furniture section has become increasingly important to the CIFF, which is now considered the largest high-quality office furniture fair and exchange platform in Asia.

The organizer told reporters that fair planners have realized how essential office furniture is to work space art and design, so they hope these two exhibitions will showcase the depth and variety of the CIFF, with a special emphasis on Cantonese style.

According to the organizer, the 10 Chinese masters, including Zheng Shuyang from the Academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua University, Chen Yi from Tongji University and Ma Kexin from Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, are all mainstream designers within the country's modern environment art design field and are active in the domestic office furniture design market. Their design concepts and styles are followed by thousands of interior designers across China.

Kukkapuro, meanwhile, was one of the first designers to advocate a more humane working environment as well as a forerunner in ergonomics research in North Europe. His designs, based on ergonomic, ecological and aesthetic principles, make his furniture more comfortable and functional.

Kukkapuro is bringing his classical office furniture designs to this special exhibition under the title "enjoy the office".

Indeed, since China became a member of the World Trade Organization, the growing needs of domestic consumers for new and better work space designs have led to increased demand in the office furniture market. As a result, office furniture design has become a popular topic among designers as well.

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