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Xian Hotels

Xian hotel reservations and lodging guide offers discounts up to 60% off on hotels in Xian. payment directly at the hotel, list of hotels near exhibition center in Xian.
4 star Xia'an century Landscape Hotel
Xia'an century Landscape HotelXia'an century Landscape Hotel – invested and managed by Sanya Century Landscape Hotel Management Co., decorated according to four-star standard, to create the most unique high-end apartment-style hotel in city center, let guests enjoy the "home" warmth and high-quality services.
Type of Room23 Jan
Deluxe Twin Room 26.00 USD

5 star Sheraton Xian Hotel
Sheraton Xian HotelSheraton Xi'an Hotel is located in the west of the city, close to the city walls of the Ming Dynasty with a history of 600 years, adjacent to the West Second Ring Road, just few minutes away from the city center and high-tech development zone, transportation is convenient, taking 35 minutes to Xian Xianyang International Airport. It is quickly accessible to Terra Cotta Warriors, Huaqing Hot Springs, Great Goose Pagoda, and other famous tourist attractions.
Type of Room23 Jan
Deluxe Standard Room no breakfast78.00 USD

4 star Xian Hotel
Xian HotelThe hotel situated right outside the city's South Gate, close to the famous Small Wild Goose Pagoda.There are 33 restaurants and 3 bars, 10 conference rooms, We also have business center, health center, recreation center, photo developing shop and a travel agency.
Type of Room23 Jan
Standard Room 40.00 USD

3 star Song of Apple Designer Hotel, Xi'an
Song of Apple Designer Hotel, Xi'anSong of Apple Designer Hotel, Xi'an, providing a strange individual place for you. Apple Song, adhering to design idea of fashion, personality, health, green, economy, low carbon, creating artistic and cultural theme hotel, truly interpreting the meaning and value of design!
Type of Room23 Jan
Warmth Big Bed Room no breakfast33.00 USD

2 star Canaan Hotel, Xi'an
Canaan Hotel, Xi'anCanaan Hotel (Shenpeng Jiudian), located in the very heart of Xi'an Shangde Rd, is an economic hotel accommodating up to 200 persons.
Type of Room23 Jan
Big Bed Room 22.00 USD

4 star Xi'an Fuhai Mingdu Hotel
Xi'an Fuhai Mingdu HotelFuhai Mingdu Hotel (Xi'an Fuhai Mingdu Jiudian) Opened in 2010, is near lots of tourist attractions, like Bell Tower, Drummer Tower, Old City Wall and the Hui People Folk Street
Type of Room23 Jan
Business Standard Room 48.00 USD

3 star Xian City Hotel
Xian City HotelThis is an inexpensive hotel in a good location in downtown Xian.
Type of Room23 Jan
Single Room 22.00 USD

3 star Changning Palace Villa, Xian
Changning Palace Villa, XianChangning Palace Villa, Xian is invested and managed by Xi'an tourism Group and Xi'an Catering Co., collect dining, entertainment, accommodation, leisure and tourism in whole major holiday resort.
Type of Room23 Jan
Normal Twin Room 30.00 USD

2 star Shanxi Haojia Business Hotel Xi'an Future City
Shanxi Haojia Business Hotel Xi'an Future CityThe Haojia Business Hotel (Haojia Shangwu Jiudian Xi'an Weilaicheng Dian) is close to the Small Wild Goose Pagoda (Xiaoyan Ta) as well local shopping, dining and entertainment areas.
Type of Room23 Jan
Deluxe Big Bed Room 18.00 USD

3 star Shaanxi Public Servant Training Center (Xi'an)
Shaanxi Public Servant Training Center (Xi'an)Established in 2008, Shanxi Public Servant Training Centre is a four star business travel hotel invested by Shanxi Administration College, managed by Shaanxi Chang'an Pearl Hotel Management Company.
Type of Room23 Jan
Business Standard Room 36.00 USD

4 star Orient Hotel, Xian
Orient Hotel, XianThe Orient Hotel is located in the cultural district of xi'an. It is about 6 km from the city centre. 10 km from the railway station. 70 km from the airport.
Type of Room23 Jan
Standard Room 50.00 USD

4 star Rongmin International Hotel, Xi'an
Rongmin International Hotel, Xi'anRongmin International Hotel is themed as Tang culture. It is located in the commercial centre, 35 minutes driving from airport and 10 minutes driving from Railway Station. It is close to prosperous famous historical and cultural sites such as drum tower.
Type of Room23 Jan
Deluxe Twin Room 53.00 USD

5 star Paradise Resort Xian
Paradise Resort XianXi'an Paradise Resort locates on south of Datang walking street at Xi'an Qujiang tourism district. The hotel is adjacent Great Wild Goose Pagoda, Qujiang pound, historic site of Wall of Tang Dynasty, Ci'en Temple, and Qujiang International Exhibition Center. It is the best place for business and travel.
Type of Room23 Jan
Deluxe Standard Room 62.00 USD

5 star Shangri-La Golden Flower Hotel, XiAn
Shangri-La Golden Flower Hotel, XiAnShangri-La Golden Flower is located in the East Economic Development Area, about a 10 minutes drive from the historic city center. The hotel also offers for easy access to the famous Terracotta Warriors Museum.
Type of Room23 Jan
Superior Big Bed Room 62.00 USD

4 star Xian International Conference Center Qujiang Hotel
Xian International Conference Center Qujiang HotelLocated near the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in the QuJiang Tourism Holiday Development district.
Type of Room23 Jan
Standard Twin Room 72.00 USD

3 star Elite Hotel, Xi'an
Elite Hotel,  Xi'anThe Elite Hotel is a business hotel with the combination of accommodation, catering, leisure and holiday.
Type of Room23 Jan
Interior Twin Room 50.00 USD

4 star West Capital International Hotel ,Xi'an
West Capital International Hotel ,Xi'anWest Capital International Hotel Xian is consisted of a garden hall, deluxes guest rooms, Chinese and Western restaurants, conference center, health keeping center, and shopping center. Located in the middle part of Xi Da Street of the prosperous city centre of ancient Xian, it is characterized by its Tang Dynasty architecture.
Type of Room23 Jan
Superior Twin Room 62.00 USD

5 star Shangri-La Hotel, Xian
Shangri-La Hotel, XianShangri-La Hotel, Xian has the very best of the city right on its doorstep, from leading multi-national businesses to the finest in shopping and entertainment. The hotel is just a 30-minute drive from Xian International Airport, and is within easy reach of many top tourist attractions, including the Terracotta Warriors Museum and Xian' s breathtaking city walls.
Type of Room23 Jan
Deluxe City-View Single Room 131.00 USD

4 star Xian Kasen Business Hotel
Xian Kasen Business HotelXian Kasen Business Hotel is an European-style hotel located in the commercial circle, near the train station, east bus terminal and Northwest's largest light industrial and trade center.
Type of Room23 Jan
Deluxe Twin Room 28.00 USD

5 star Xian Suofeite Renmin Hotel
Xian Suofeite Renmin HotelSelected by Forbes magazine as one of the top 10 best new business hotels in 2005, the Sofitel on Renmin Square (Xi'an Suofeite Renmin Dasha), is a luxurious new hotel located amid the city's top business addresses, only 5 minutes' away from some of the best shopping and entertainment in town. Xi'an's Xiangyang International Airport is 45 minutes away.
Type of Room23 Jan
Superior Big Bed Room 109.00 USD

3 star Guanzhong Hotel ,Xian
Guanzhong Hotel ,XianGuanzhong Hostel, Xi'an (Guanzhong Kezhan) is adjacent to Xincheng Square and the Provincial Government Buildings. The hostel is a unique star-rated hostel constructed in a local Guanzhong folk residence style.
Type of Room23 Jan
Zhongshi Big Bed Room 28.00 USD

3 star Xi'an Qinjin Junyue Hotel
Xi'an Qinjin Junyue HotelJoy Sunshine Hotel, a commercial hotel located in Jixiang Road, opened in 2006. Joy Sunshine Hotel focuses on accommodation, catering and recreation.
Type of Room23 Jan
Big Bed Room 20.00 USD

4 star Jinyuan Furun Hotel, Xi'an
Jinyuan Furun Hotel, Xi'anJin Yuan Fu Run Hotel stands on the North Street, the most prosperous area of the ancient city of Xi'an. It is a tourist hotel concerning foreign affairs and is built according to the four-star standard by Jing Yuan Hotel Corporation.
Type of Room23 Jan
Standard Room no breakfast37.00 USD

YI HE PALACE HOTEL  XI'ANThe Xi'an Yihe Palace Hotel is not only ideally located, but also has easy access to public transport. There is airport bus in front of the hotel, is a 10-minute walk from the metro station (Stadium Station) and offers direct access to Bell Tower. Only 10 minutes drive to the Bell Tower, Big Wild Goose Pagoda and Small Wild Goose Pagoda. Just 10 minutes' drive from Xi'an High-tech Zone and 3 minutes walk to a large supermarket.
Not available

2 star YMCA Holiday Hotel ,Xi'an
YMCA Holiday Hotel ,Xi'anYMCA Holiday Hotel ,Xi'an is a standard three-star hotel which can receive foreign guests, located 200meters in the north of Bell Tower, Xi'an ancient city, with convenient transportation.
Not available

2 star Crystal Business Hotel
Crystal Business HotelCrystal Business Hotel is situated at the southeast corner of Duanlv Gate --the golden area of the Chinese ancient capital city Xi' an. It has 156 guest rooms in various types and is a foreign-related hotel caters to the needs of business people and tourists. With very convenient transportation, it truly embodies the major location advantage of the hotel.
Not available

4 star Me Hood Hotel Xian Lianhu Branch
Me Hood Hotel  Xian Lianhu BranchThe Meihua Mingyang Hotel is located close to the center of Xi'an. Opened in 2010, the hotel provides 186 rooms and suites, complimentary broadband internet access, buffet restaurants, a business center, laundry service, travel services, front desk safes, game rooms and a sauna.
Not available

3 star Cien hotel ,Xian
Cien hotel ,XianHotel has construction area of 5, 000 square meters, is collect room, restaurant, conference, open music book bar, Hanging Gardens of culture as a whole theme of the Tang-style hotel. Tang in the main line of historical and cultural story, through copying, poetry of expression, let the nobilities, literati and writers of Tang Dynasty show the life of the most meritorious, make the little-known Tang Dynasty' s entertainment, business, music and dance, costumes, religious, sports, ceramics, food, literature and other cultural vividly presented.
Not available

3 star Network Hotel, Xian
Network Hotel, XianThis hotel has business center, which providing gym, amusement and business meeting hall. The multi-functional banquet hall and meeting hall could hold different scales of meeting, banquet as well as business activities. And the deluxe meeting hall on the 14th floor has advanced meeting facilities and equipments, which could offer service to high range television or telephone meeting for 120-180 people. The whole hotel is with a deluxe and elegant surrounding. It is the ideal hotel both for tourist sightseeing and business activities.
Not available

4 star Xi'an King Dynasty Hotel
Xi'an King Dynasty HotelAs one of the birthplaces of the ancient Chinese civilization in the Yellow River Basin area, Xi'an attracts millions of global visitors every year.
Not available

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