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Suzhou(Jiangsu) Hotels

Suzhou(Jiangsu) hotel reservations and lodging guide offers discounts up to 60% off on hotels in Suzhou(Jiangsu). payment directly at the hotel, list of hotels near exhibition center in Suzhou(Jiangsu).
2 star Suzhou Yinshang Boutique Hotel
Suzhou Yinshang Boutique HotelThe Enchant Inn (Yinshang Jingpin Jiudian) is situated in the central Shilu commercial area, near the Shilu food street, and offers guests easy access to the downtown area, a railway station and a bus station.
Not available

4 star Suzhou Days Hotel
Suzhou Days HotelThe Days Hotel Suzhou (Suzhou Daisi Jiudian) is situated in Suzhou Industrial Park and about a ten-minute drive from the Shanghai-Nanjing Express Railway Suzhou Industrial Park station.
Not available

4 star Hovle Mansion Club
Hovle Mansion ClubThe Hovle Mansion Club & Hotel (Pingjiang Huafu Jiudian) occupies a structure built around a Qing Dynasty courtyard villa situated close to Guanqian Street (Guanqian Jie), a vibrant pedestrian street lined with historic buildings, shopping and dining.
Not available

3 star Taohuawu Creative Motel - Suzhou
Taohuawu Creative Motel - Suzhou
Not available

3 star Floft Hotel - Suzhou
Floft Hotel - SuzhouThe Floft Hotel (Fenglefu Huisuo) is situated about a ten-minute walk from the Dushu Lake Theater and a gym. From this Suzhou hotel, a 20-minute drive sees guests to the railway station.
Not available

2 star Zhiyuan Hotel - Suzhou
Zhiyuan Hotel - SuzhouThe Zhiyuan Hotel (Zhiyuan Fandian) is a classical city garden-style hotel convenient to the vibrant Nanmen commercial area and many places of interest.
Not available

3 star Suzhou Four seasons Sunshine Hotel
Suzhou Four seasons Sunshine HotelThe Four Seasons Sunshine Hotel (Siji Yangguang Jiudian) is located in Suzhou Industrial Park, and offers guests easy access to shopping and entertainment areas.
Not available

2 star Super 8 Hotel Suzhou shi road E Block
Super 8 Hotel Suzhou shi road E BlockThe philosophy behind Super 8 hotels, a budget brand from the US Wyndham Group, is that you don't have to spend a lot of money to have fun. This is no less true in China than it is in their branches around the world. Super 8 Hotels in China offers well-located, good value, international-standard budget rooms with free Internet and solid service.
Not available

4 star Suzhou Qing Shan Hotel
Suzhou Qing Shan Hotel
Not available

3 star Suzhou Rover Villa
Suzhou Rover VillaThe Luo Fu Resort (Luofu Shanzhuang) is situated at the foot of the Qionglong Mountain, close to the Qionglongshan national forest park.
Not available

2 star Suzhou Karen Century Hotel
Suzhou Karen Century HotelThe Karen Century Hotel (Kailun Shiji Jiudian) is within easy reach of Yanjia Garden and Lingyan Mountain.
Not available

3 star Suzhou Yong Jing Villas
Suzhou Yong Jing Villashe Yongjing Villa Hotel (Yongjing Shanzhuang Jiudian) is located in Wangshan Farm, also convenient to the Tai Lake scenic area.
Not available

3 star Wu Hu Zhi Jing Hotel
Wu Hu Zhi Jing HotelThe Huzhijing Hotel (Wujiang Huzhijing Dajiudian) is located in Fenhu Park, in close proximity to Zhouzhuang water town.
Not available

3 star Zheng Fu Cao Tang Inn - Tongli
Zheng Fu Cao Tang Inn - TongliThe Tongli Zhengfu Caotang Hotel (Tongli Zhengfu Caotang Zhongshi Bieyuan) is located in Tongli Town and also within easy reach of the downtown area.
Not available

3 star Yangshan Hotspring Hotel and Resort - Suzhou
Yangshan Hotspring Hotel and Resort - SuzhouThe Yangshan Hotspring Hotel &Resort Suzhou (Yangshan Dujia Jiudian) is conveniently located in the Yangshan Scenic Area adjacent to largest residential area Yangshan Garden, Export Processing Zone, and Yangshan Technical Industrial Park.
Not available

3 star Jinlong Hotel - Suzhou
Jinlong Hotel - SuzhouThe Jinlong Hotel Suzhou (Jinlong Dajiudian) is located in Suzhou's National High-Tech Development Zone, and offers guests convenient access to several Suzhou attractions including the Hanshan Temple and Liu Yuan (Lingering Garden).
Not available

3 star Paradise Resort Hotel - Suzhou
Paradise Resort Hotel - SuzhouThe Suzhou Amusement Vacation Hotel (Suzhou Leyuan Dujia Jiudian) is located near the Suzhou Amusement Land, convenient to the Shanghai-Ningbo Expressway and National Road 312.
Not available

3 star Suzhou Tourism Hotel - Suzhou
Suzhou Tourism Hotel - SuzhouLocated in the Shilu central business district, the Suzhou Tourism Hotel (Suzhou Luyou Fandian) is situated within easy reach of one of top Suzhou tourist attractions like the Lingering Garden, one of China four most celebrated classic Chinese gardens, Tiger Hill, and Hanshan Temple. A ten-minute drive takes guests to Suzhou Railway Station.
Not available

2 star Taihu Green Light Leisure Farm - Suzhou
Taihu Green Light Leisure Farm - SuzhouSuzhou Taihu Greenlight Leisure Farm (Taihu Lvguang Xiuxian Nongchang Huguang Shanshe Jiudian) is a multi-function hotel providing traveling, dining, accommodation, leisure, meeting, entertainment, shopping, and fruit picking. The hotel offers various rooms with fully equipment, meeting rooms, chess room, outdoor buffet BBQ and karaoke.
Not available

3 star Suzhou Fresh Port Fashionable Hotel (Xinghu shop)
Suzhou Fresh Port Fashionable Hotel (Xinghu shop)
Not available

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