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Nanjing Hotels

Nanjing hotel reservations and lodging guide offers discounts up to 60% off on hotels in Nanjing. payment directly at the hotel, list of hotels near exhibition center in Nanjing.
3 star Nanjing Hongqiao Hotel
Nanjing Hongqiao HotelHong Qiao Hotel Nanjing lies on North Zhongshan Road, which is called the golden district of commerce in Nanjing. It is adjacent to many well-known sites such as Xuanwu Lake, New Street Crossing, and Fuzi Temple. The transportation is perfect: 10mins to Nanjing Railway Station, 10mins to Nanjing Bus Station, and 60mins to Lukou Airport.
Type of Room21 Mar
Deluxe Business Standard Room Prepay55.00 USD

3 star Nanjing Konggang Hotel
Nanjing Konggang HotelThe Nanjing Airport Hotel (Konggang Binguan) is located to the south of Lukou Airport's lobby lounge. Various guestrooms, a grand dining hall, and 11 deluxe private banquet rooms are available for use and booking.
Type of Room21 Mar
Bunisess Twin Room included 1 breakfast68.00 USD

4 star Nanjing Shuguang Guoji Hotel
Nanjing Shuguang Guoji HotelShuguang International Hotel (Shuguang Guoji Dajiudian) is located to the west of Nanjing Railway Station within easy reach of Zijin Mountain, Xuanwu Lake and Hongshan Forest Park, adjacent to the Xinzhuang Exhibition Hall and Zhongshan Golf Course.
Type of Room21 Mar
City-View Standard Room Prepay included 1 breakfast78.00 USD

4 star Nanjing Tianfeng Hotel
Nanjing Tianfeng HotelThe 4-star Nanjing Tianfeng Hotel is located in No.26 Hong Wu Road or No.54 East Zhongshan Road, the business central of Nanjing.
Type of Room21 Mar
Landscape Standard Room 58.00 USD

3 star Nanjing Jiuhua Hotel
Nanjing Jiuhua HotelNanjing's Jiuhua Hotel (Jiuhua Fandian) is located at the intersection of East Beijing Road and Middle Longpan Road, west of the scenic Zijin Shan area and north of Jiuhuashan Park.
Type of Room21 Mar
Deluxe Big Bed Room included 1 breakfast75.00 USD

2 star Golden Key International Hotel - Nanjing
Golden Key International Hotel - NanjingThe Golden Key International Hotel (Jinyaoshi Guoji Dajiudian) faces the Nanjing Museum, and is about 2 km from the vibrant downtown area and about a 30-minute cab ride from the Nanjing Lukou International Airport.
Type of Room21 Mar
Bunisess Single Room(No Windows) 25.00 USD

3 star Taihe Zijin Hotel - Nanjing
Taihe Zijin Hotel - Nanjing
Type of Room21 Mar
Executive Standard Room 74.00 USD

3 star Zhen Bao Holiday Hotel - Nanjing
Zhen Bao Holiday Hotel - NanjingNanjing's Zhenbao Holiday Hotel (Zhenbao Jiari Fandian) is located on Middle Jiangdong Road, near many of the city's main tourist and entertainment attractions.
Type of Room21 Mar
Redwood Suite One Breakfast164.00 USD

2 star Longhua Hotel - Nanjing
Longhua Hotel - NanjingThe Nanjing Longhua Hotel (Nanjing Longhua Dajiudian) is located at the intersection of Puzhu Road, Nationa Road 312 and Ninghe Expressway.
Type of Room21 Mar
Standard Room with two breakfast64.00 USD

3 star ZTE Hotel, Nanjing
ZTE Hotel, NanjingThe ZTE Hotel, Nanjing (Nanjing Zhongxinghetai Jiudian) is located close to the Metro Line 1 Huashenmiao station, making transport to the bustling Xinjiekou (downtown area) quite convenient, and only 1 km from a railway station.
Type of Room21 Mar
Superior Standard Room no breakfast62.00 USD

3 star Nanjing dragon The Heights Hotel
Nanjing dragon The Heights HotelThe Qinglongshanzhuang Hotel (Qinglongshanzhuang Jiudian) is situated close to a football training base. The Nanjing Lukou International Airport is about 24 km away.
Type of Room21 Mar
Deluxe Standard Room included 2 breakfast102.00 USD

3 star Shopping Park Jiari Hotel Nanjing
Shopping Park Jiari Hotel NanjingThe holiday inn Nanjing aqua city is located in the central business district with a connection to the aqua city shopping mall. It is 35 kilometers (21.8 miles) from the international airport.
Not available

3 star Nanjing Jinxiu Changcheng Hotel
Nanjing Jinxiu Changcheng HotelThe Tongyuan Changcheng Hotel (Nanjing Jingxiu Changcheng Dajiudian) is a modern, three-star hotel on Yudao Street, close to the Ming Palace and the Confucian Temple.
Not available

3 star Nanjing Hengwon Hotel (Yuanding) - Nanjing
Nanjing Hengwon Hotel (Yuanding) - NanjingThe Hengdao Inn Nanjing Yuanding (Nanjing Hengdao Liansuo Jiudian Yuanding Dian) is close to Nanjing University of the Arts and the popular sight Yuejiang Tower (Yuejiang Lou).
Not available

3 star Tianhong Shanzhuang - Nanjing
Tianhong Shanzhuang - NanjingThe Nanjing Noble Mountain Clubhouse (Nanjing Tianhong Shanzhuang Huisuo) is located at the foot of Zijin Hill.
Not available

3 star Daguan Shijie Hotel - Nanjing
Daguan Shijie Hotel - NanjingThe Nanjing Daguan Shijie Hotel (Nanjing Daguan Shijie Jiudian) is located in Nanjing's Daguantiandi, popular as a shopping, dining, entertainment and leisure venue. From this hotel's location in north-central Nanjing, guests can conveniently get to local tourist sights.
Not available

2 star Wenlan Hotel - Nanjing
Wenlan Hotel - NanjingThe Nanjing Wenlan Hotel (Nanjing Wenlan Binguan) is located close to the north gate of Nanjing College of Information Technology and enjoys easy access to local transportation networks.
Not available

3 star Technology Industry Group Corporation,Nanjing Normal University,XianLinHotel
Technology Industry Group Corporation,Nanjing Normal University,XianLinHotelThe Xianlin Hotel (Xianlin Binguan) is situated in the Xianlin Campus of Nanjing Normal University, close to Gate 4 of the campus.
Not available

4 star Nanjing Tang Shan Ziqing Lake Golf Ecological Tourism Resort
Nanjing Tang Shan Ziqing Lake Golf Ecological Tourism ResortThe Nanjing Ziqinghu Hotspring Hotel (Nanjing Tangshan Ziqinghu Shengtai Lvyou Dujiaqu) is located in an ancient town on the slopes of Tangshan, a 45-minute drive from Nanjing Lukou International Airport. Bringing together the indulgence of a hot spring vacation and an eco-tourism philosophy, this Nanjing hotel is a great place for those seeking solace from the stresses of everyday life.
Not available

4 star Jinling Resort - Nanjing
Jinling Resort - NanjingThe ornamental traditional Chinese 5-star Jinling Resort Nanjing (Nanjing Hubin Jinling Fandian) is located on the outskirts of Nanjing in the serene Baijia Lake scenic area. Surrounded by the lake on three sides, the hotel boasts peaceful landscaping designed in the Chinese tradition of Fengshui and provides many lakeside areas for guests to relax and take in the view. With the opening of the Shengtai Rd station on Metro Line 1, the hotel has convenient access to the city center while remaining a great getaway from the bustle of modern life.
Not available

4 star Zhongshan Hotel Jiangsu Center - Nanjing
Zhongshan Hotel Jiangsu Center - NanjingThe Zhongshan Hotel Nanjing (Nanjing Zhongshan Binguan) is located within easy reach of the bustling downtown area. This Nanjing hotel offers a great variety of well-equipped accommodations ranging from standard to queen room.
Not available

2 star Eastern Air Hotel - Nanjing
Eastern Air Hotel - NanjingThe Eastern Hotel Nanjing (Nanjing Donghang Zhixing Binguan) is a business hotel east of Confucius Temple and Qinhuai River Scenic Zone, west of Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum.
Not available

2 star Nanjing Tangquan Hotel
Nanjing Tangquan HotelThe Nanjing Tangquan Hotel (Nanjing Tangquan Binguan) is located at the foot of the Laoshan National Forest Park in Tangquan Town popular for natural hot springs.
Not available

2 star Jinwei Grand Hotel - Nanjing
Jinwei Grand Hotel - NanjingThe Nanjing Jinwei Hotel (Nanjing Jinwei Dajiudian) offers a convention hall and medium and small sized meeting rooms equipped with the latest audiovisual technology.
Not available

3 star Hailing Convention Center - Nanjing
Hailing Convention Center - NanjingThe Hailing Convention Center (Nanjing Hailing Huiyi Zhongxin) is situated convenient to the Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum area.
Not available

2 star Fu Jian Hotel - Nanjing
Fu Jian Hotel - NanjingThe Fujian Hotel (Fujian Dajiudian) is situated in central Xinjiekou commercial area, about a five-minute walk from several shopping centers. The Metro Line 1 zhangfuyuan station and the Metro Line 2 Xinjiekou station are also easily accessible.
Not available

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