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Luoyang Hotels

Luoyang hotel reservations and lodging guide offers discounts up to 60% off on hotels in Luoyang. payment directly at the hotel, list of hotels near exhibition center in Luoyang.
4 star Luoyang Cygnus International Hotel
Luoyang Cygnus International HotelLuoyang Cygnus International Hotel is situated at the intersection of Jiefang Road and Middle Zhongzhou Road-- the golden region of Luoyang. With the investment of Luoyang Laixing Trading Co. Ltd, it is a 4-star tour hotel under the management of Hongkong Cygnus International.
Not available

4 star Luoyang Grand Hotel
Luoyang Grand HotelLocated in the center of the city, Luoyang Grand Hotel has geographical advantage and convenient traffic. Adjoining Nanchang road in the east, abutting the largest city river park of the city – Luopu Park, it is 5 kilometers away from railway station and 10 kilometers away from airport. It is only 10 kilometers away from Longmen Grottoes, one of the 3 biggest grotto arts in China.
Not available

2 star LuoYang Jiudu Hotel
LuoYang Jiudu HotelLuoYang Jiudu Hotel is modern hotel that open to the foreigners, which combines with accommodation, Restaurant, commerce together, located on the Daonan Road, Xigong Zone in LuoYang city, 500 meters from railway station, 7km to airport, near the noisy city center in south, neighboring the long-distance car station in east, the transportation is very convenient.
Not available

4 star Peony Hotel, Luoyang
Peony Hotel, LuoyangThe Hotel is located in both the business center and traffic center of Luoyang on Zhongzhou Lu.
Not available

3 star New Friendship Hotel
New Friendship HotelThe New Friendship hotel (Xin youyi dajiudian) is located in the westerndistrict of Luoyang City, 7km from the Railway Station and 15km from the Airport.
Not available

2 star Jinjiulong Express Hotel, Luoyang
Jinjiulong Express Hotel, LuoyangJinjiulong Express Hotel is a new express hotel with the ascendant geography location, the unique architectural design, is built in April this year. It is 100 meters to bus station, only 100 steps to the long-distance bus station and bus station, is your ideal lodging place for you to travel, go shopping and go on errands. You can also take a bus directly to travel Longmen, White Horse Temple, National peony Garden and other famous places to come true your dream of traveling Luoyang free, meanwhile, you can go to the central department store, Wangfujing department store, the new Duhui shopping center, let you appreciate the civilization of Luoyang ancient capital at the same time, to feel Luoyang's modern breath.
Not available

4 star yaxiangjinlindafandian, Luoyang
yaxiangjinlindafandian, LuoyangThe Yaxiang Jinling Hotel (Yaxiang Jinling Dafandian) is located close to a stadium and a theater. The theme of the hotel is outer space.
Not available

3 star Luoyang Xinjian Long Hotel
Luoyang Xinjian Long HotelThe 3-star New Jianlong Hotel Luoyang comprehensively providing accomodation, dining, bathing, recreation and business activities. It is only 8 kilometers away from the airport and 3 kilometers from the railway station.
Not available

4 star Luoyang Jinshuiwan Hotel
Luoyang Jinshuiwan HotelLuoyang's Golden Gulf Hotel (Luoyang Jinshuiwan Dajiudian) is located in the city center, 10 km from the airport and two km from the railway station.
Not available

2 star Super 8 Hotel Luoyang Peony Square
Super 8 Hotel Luoyang Peony SquareThe philosophy behind Super 8 hotels, a budget brand from the US Wyndham Group, is that you don't have to spend a lot of money to have fun.
Not available

2 star Luoyang aviation city Yijia Hotel
Luoyang aviation city Yijia HotelThe Aviation E-Home Inn (Hangkongcheng Yijia Jiudian) is located in Luoyang's central business district, and grants guests convenient access to many dining, entertainment and shopping areas.
Not available

3 star Luoyang Babylon Hotel
Luoyang Babylon HotelLocated in central business district, near Luoyang Railway Station, the Babylon Hotel (Juhe Babilun Binguan) is 15 km from Luoyang Beijiao Airport.
Not available

3 star Shendu Hotel - Luoyang
Shendu Hotel - LuoyangThe Luoyang Shengdu Hotel (Luoyang Shendu Dasha) is a three-star hotel east of Jiudu Road. The hotel has 17 floors and different styles of guestrooms ranging from standard, luxury and regular suites. All carpets and beddings are brand new since the recent refurbishment. The Chinese restaurant offers a banquet hall accommodating 200 guests and 17 private dining halls.
Not available

3 star Sheng Tang Hotel - Luoyang
Sheng Tang Hotel - LuoyangThe Sheng Tang Hotel (Shengtang Dajiudian) is located in the bustling center of Luoyang.
Not available

3 star New Luoyang Hotel
New Luoyang HotelThe New Luoyang Hotel (Xin Luoyang Fandian) is conveniently located on West Zhongzhou Road, where is the bustling center of Luoyang.
Not available

3 star Bohemia Hotel - Luoyang
Bohemia Hotel - LuoyangSituated at the intersection of Middle Zhongzhou Road and Fanglin Road, the Luoyang Bohemia Hotel (Luoyang Boximiya Jiudian) grants guests convenient access to the Wangcheng Park, Luoyang Museum and Wangfujing Department Store.
Not available

3 star Hongquan Hotel - Luoyang
Hongquan Hotel - LuoyangLocated at the intersection of Fanghua Road and Fanghui Street, the Hongquan Hotel (Hongquan Binguan) is ten-minute drive from Luoyang Railway Station and downtown city. Luoyang Beijiao Airport is 20 minutes away by car.
Not available

2 star Jun An Hotel - Luoyang
Jun An Hotel - LuoyangLocated near Luoyang Museum, the Jun'an Hotel (Jun'an Dajiudian) is only 2.5 km from downtown city and Luoyang Railway Station. Luoyang Beijiao Airport is a 15-minute drive away.
Not available

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