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Kunming Hotels

Kunming hotel reservations and lodging guide offers discounts up to 60% off on hotels in Kunming. payment directly at the hotel, list of hotels near exhibition center in Kunming.
4 star Tai Long Hong Rui Hotel,Kunming
Tai Long Hong Rui Hotel,KunmingThe Tai Long Hong Rui Hotel is a 4-star hotel located near the Kunming International Trade Center and is about 12 minutes drive from the Expo Garden.
Type of Room18 Feb
Deluxe Standard Room 45.00 USD

4 star Xiongye Hotel, Kunming
Xiongye Hotel, KunmingLocated on Beijing Road in downtown Kunming, the Xiongye Hotel (Xiongye Dajiudian) is adjacent to the north railway station.
Type of Room18 Feb
Business Standard Twin Room included 2 breakfast44.00 USD

3 star Yunnan Fangzhou Hotel
Yunnan Fangzhou HotelThe Fangzhou Hotel (Fangzhou Dajiudian) is located at the intersection of Dianchi Road and Shi'an Road of Kunming, gateway to Yuxi, Dali, Lijiang and Ruili.
Type of Room18 Feb
Normal Standard Room Prepay38.00 USD

4 star Cuiyi Hotel,Kunming
Cuiyi Hotel,KunmingKunming's Greenlake View Hotel is situated on Middle Renmin Road close to Green Lake Park. In the hotel's immediate vicinity are a variety of local conveniences such as a shopping mall and a Wal-Mart.
Type of Room18 Feb
Normal Standard Room Prepay included 2 breakfast53.00 USD

4 star Yunnan Jingmao Hotel
Yunnan Jingmao HotelThe Economic Trade Hotel (Yunnan Jingmao Binguan) is a business hotel located on Qingnian Road in Kunming's commercial and financial center. It neighbors Wuhua Hill to the west and Beitong Garden and Beitong Temple to the north.
Type of Room18 Feb
Superior Big Bed Room 53.00 USD

5 star Green Land Hotel, Kunming
Green Land Hotel, KunmingWith perfect location, Green Land Hotel is a 5-star hotel with smart prices. The railway station is 3km away and the airport is 5km away.
Type of Room18 Feb
Business Big Bed Room 66.00 USD

2 star Spring City Inn Natie - Kunming
Spring City Inn Natie - KunmingThe Chuncheng Zhixing (Natie) (Chuncheng Zhixing—Natie Dian) is located in downtown Kunming, offering guests easy access of many bus lines, just 6 kilometers from the railway station and 10 kilometers from Kunming Wujiaba Airport.
Type of Room18 Feb
Business Standard Room Prepay32.00 USD

2 star Yun Mei Hotel - Kunming
Yun Mei Hotel - KunmingThe Yunmei Hotel (Yunmei Binguan) is a business hotel just 1 kilometer from downtown Kunming. Various restaurants and private dining rooms make this hotel a venue for friends' gatherings or banquets.
Type of Room18 Feb
Normal Big Bed Room 21.00 USD

3 star Guanduguzhen Hotel - Kunming
Guanduguzhen Hotel - Kunming
Type of Room18 Feb
Big Bed Room Prepay included 2 breakfast50.00 USD

3 star Kunming Red River Hotel
Kunming Red River HotelThe Red River Hotel (Honghe Binguan) is an 11-minute drive from the Kunming Railway Station, 14-minute drive from the Kunming West Railway Station, 10-minute drive from the Wujiaba International Airport and 33-minute drive from the Changshui International Airport. The downtown area is just 10 minutes away by car.
Type of Room18 Feb
VIP Twin Room 29.00 USD

3 star Yunnan Lianyun Hotel (Kunming)
Yunnan Lianyun Hotel (Kunming)The Lian Yun Hotel (Lianyun binguan) is located in the north of Kunming. The hotel is near to the beautiful Green Lake Park and the Yuantong Temple.
Type of Room18 Feb
Suite included one breakfast138.00 USD

2 star Hai Shi Hotel - Kunming
Hai Shi Hotel - KunmingThe HaiShi Hotel (Haishi Jiudian) is a business leisure hotel located in Kunming's Xishan District within easy reach of many of Kunming's top attractions such as the Yunnan Nationalities Village and Haigeng Park.
Type of Room18 Feb
Honeymoon Suite 50.00 USD

2 star Kunming Qianlvchen hotel Southern Dream
Kunming Qianlvchen hotel Southern DreamThe Mengzhinan Hotel Kunming (Kunming Mengzhinan) is a budget hotel located on Tangshuang Road, close to Wangfujing Department Store, Panlong River, Jingma Biji Fang and Nanping Pedestrian Street.
Type of Room18 Feb
Preference Room Prepay21.00 USD

3 star Bestway Hotel - Kunming
Bestway Hotel - KunmingThe Bestway Hotel (Kunming Jiaxin Dajiudian) is located on Beijing Road, a popular commercial concourse, in Kunming. The hotel is just a 20-minute drive from the airport and a 15-minute drive from the train station.
Type of Room18 Feb
Standard Twin Room no breakfast32.00 USD

2 star Yunnan Xing Zhao Hotel Kunming
Yunnan Xing Zhao Hotel KunmingYunnan Single Hotel is located in Kunming city, featuring traditional Zhaotong culture. Different floors in this hotel have different themes, each featuring a specific aspect of Shaotong culture.
Type of Room18 Feb
Standard Room 26.00 USD

3 star Spring City Garden Hotel - Kunming
Spring City Garden Hotel - KunmingThe Spring City Garden Hotel (Kunming Chuncheng Huayuan Jiudian) is located in downtown Kunming within easy reach of Cuihu Park.
Type of Room18 Feb
Business Suite included 2 breakfast87.00 USD

2 star Kunming Fairyland Hotel Express-Chuanjin Road Branch
Kunming Fairyland Hotel Express-Chuanjin Road BranchSituated on Chuanjin Road, the Fairyland Hotel Express-Chuanjin Road Branch is a business hotel situated close to the Kunming World Horticulture Expo Park, Golden Temple Scenic Area and several supermarkets.
Not available

4 star Guandu Hotel, Hotel
Guandu Hotel, HotelThe Guandu Hotel (Guandu Dajiudian) is located near Kunming's transportation hub. A five-minute drive from Kunming International Airport and the Kunming International Trade Center, a 10-minute drive from the Railway Station, and close to the long-distance bus station, this hotel is a great choice for those looking to move on from the city and explore the many delights of Yunnan.
Not available

3 star Zhujiangyuan Hotel, Kunming
Zhujiangyuan Hotel, KunmingZhujiangyuan Hotel (Zhujiangyuan Dajiudian) is a business hotel in Kunming city. The restaurant serves Hunan cuisine and the multifunctional hall is suitable for banquets and business activities.
Not available

2 star Yunshang sijigu branch
Yunshang  sijigu branchSituated downtown, the Fairyland Hotel Gulou Kunming branch (Yunshang Siji Jiudian Kunming Gulou Dian) is a business hotel close to the Panlong River and Yuantong Temple, a thousand-year-old Buddhist temple.
Not available

2 star Jingwang Inn North Railway Station - Kunming
Jingwang Inn North Railway Station - KunmingThe Kinn One Hotel Kunming North Railway Station branch (Jingwang Jiudian - Liansuo Kunming Huoche Beizhan dian) is close to the north railway station, and also within easy access to bus lines and the airport.
Not available

2 star Home Inn Jianshe Road - Kunming
Home Inn Jianshe Road - KunmingThe Home Inn (Kunming Jianshe Road) (Rujia Kuaijie Jiudian Kunming Jianshe Lu Dian) is close to a bus station and many popular Kunming sights including Cui Lake. Guests can also conveniently go to several universities such as Yunnan University and Kunming University of Science and Technology.
Not available

2 star Haikun Hotel Beijing Road - Kunming
Haikun Hotel Beijing Road - KunmingSituated in downtown Kunming, the Yunnan Haikun Hotel (Yunnan Haikun Dajiudian) puts guests within easy reach of many popular attractions, such as Nanping Pedestrian Street, Cuihu Park and Yuantong Temple. There are many dining outlets and shopping centers near the hotel.
Not available

2 star Fairyland Hotel Kundu - Kunming
Fairyland Hotel Kundu - KunmingLocated in downtown Kunming, the Yunshangsiji Fairyland Hotel of Kundu Branch (Yunshangsiji Liansuo Jiudian Kundu Dian) is just a 10-minute drive from Kunming Railway Station. The Yunnan Provincial Museum and Walmart are also located nearby.
Not available

2 star Jiakai Hotel - Kunming
Jiakai Hotel - KunmingThe Kunming Jiakai Hotel (Kunming Jiakai Dajiudian) is situated on Yulong Road, only a 15-minute drive from Kunming Railway Station and Wujiaba Airport as well as several supermarkets and shopping centers.
Not available

2 star New Harbor Holiday Hotel Moma - Kunming
New Harbor Holiday Hotel Moma - Kunming
Not available

2 star Fairyland Hotel Dongfeng Square - Kunming
Fairyland Hotel Dongfeng Square - KunmingThe Fairyland Hotel Dongfeng Square branch (Yunshang Siji Liansuo Jiudian Dongfeng Guangchang Dian) is conveniently located in the heart of central Kunming, next to Dongfeng Square subway station and a short walk from Nanping Pedestrian Street as well as several shopping centers.
Not available

3 star Kunming Ceres Hotel
Kunming Ceres HotelKunming's Gushen Hotel (Gushen Dajiudian) is a business hotel located in Chenggong College Town, featuring Traditional Chinese Medicine learning and culture.
Not available

3 star Great View Hotel - Kunming
Great View Hotel - KunmingThe Great View Hotel Of Kunming (Kunming Daguan Chuanjin Jiudian) is a business hotel located on Chuanjin Road, close to Fuda Plaza and with a variety of bus lines in the vicinity.
Not available

2 star Kunming Intercontinental holiday Shuncheng Serviced Apartment
Kunming Intercontinental holiday Shuncheng Serviced ApartmentThe Kunming IC Holiday Shuncheng Serviced Apartments (Kunming Zhouji Jiari Shuncheng Fuwushi Gongyu) is conveniently located in downtown Kunming next to Shuncheng Shopping Center and a short walk from Nanping Pedestrian Street, the Kundu Night Market and the Yunnan Provincial Museum. Kunming Railway Station is just a 10-minute from the property.
Not available

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