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Hangzhou Hotels

Hangzhou hotel reservations and lodging guide offers discounts up to 60% off on hotels in Hangzhou. payment directly at the hotel, list of hotels near exhibition center in Hangzhou.
3 star Hangzhou Zhongqiang Jiari Hotel
Hangzhou Zhongqiang Jiari HotelThe Hangzhou Zhongqiang Holiday Hotel (Hangzhou Zhongqiang Jiari Dajiudian) is situated in Linping, Yuhang District.
Type of Room21 Oct
Preference Room included 2 breakfast43.00 USD

4 star Hangzhou Xiaoshan Baosheng Hotel
Hangzhou Xiaoshan Baosheng HotelHangzhou's Blossom Hotel (Hangzhou Xiaoshan Baosheng Binguan) is a four-star hotel conveniently located 10-30-minute drive away to Hangzhou South Railway Station, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, downtown area and West Lake. It covers an area of 30, 000 square meters.
Type of Room21 Oct
Superior Twin Room Prepay included 1 breakfast63.00 USD

5 star Hangzhou Aokewude Hotel
Hangzhou Aokewude HotelThe Oakwood Residence Hangzhou (Hangzhou Aokewude Huating) is located in the Huanglong Commercial Loop, close to photogenic West Lake, Hangzhou's main tourist attraction, and handy to many shopping malls and entertainment centers.
Type of Room21 Oct
Deluxe Apartment Room 103.00 USD

2 star East King Business Hotel - Hangzhou
East King Business Hotel - HangzhouThe East King Business Hotel (Dongfang Jinzuo Gongyu Jiudian) is located at the intersection of Pinghu Road and Yuewang Road in the heart of Hangzhou, close to West Lake. Guests of this hotel can easily go to the Wushan Night Market.
Type of Room21 Oct
Superior City-ViewTwin Room 57.00 USD

2 star Super 8 Hotel Xiuboyuan - Hangzhou
Super 8 Hotel Xiuboyuan - HangzhouThe philosophy behind Super 8 hotels, a budget brand from the US Wyndham Group, is that you don't have to spend a lot of money to have fun.
Type of Room21 Oct
Economy big bed Room 30.00 USD

5 star Nade Hotel - Hangzhou
Nade Hotel - HangzhouLocated at the intersection of Huzhou Street and Shenban Road, the Nade Freedom Hotel (Nade Ziyou Jiudian) is just opposite a university and close to the Grand Canal.
Type of Room21 Oct
Superior Twin Room Prepay included 2 breakfast70.00 USD

3 star Chaowang Hotel - Hangzhou
Chaowang Hotel - HangzhouLocated at the intersection of South Hushu Road and Chaowang Road, the Chao Wang Hotel (Chaowang Dajiudian) offers guests proximity to the Wulinmen business center. From the hotel, direct buses see guests to the railway station and bus station. Hangzhou's top attraction, the West Lake is a mere ten-minute drive away.
Type of Room21 Oct
Normal Suite Prepay included 2 breakfast104.00 USD

2 star Hangzhou Jin Cheng Caihe Hotel
Hangzhou Jin Cheng Caihe HotelThe Jincheng Caihe Hotel (Jincheng Caihe Dajiudian) is situated in the commercial area of East Qingchun Road, only 4 km from the Hangzhou Railway Station.
Type of Room21 Oct
Single Room no breakfast37.00 USD

3 star Junhu International Hotel - Hangzhou
Junhu International Hotel - HangzhouLocated in Hangzhou's Yuhang CBD, the Royal Lake International Hotel (Junhu Guoji Dajiudian) sits 44 km (27 mi) from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport.
Type of Room21 Oct
Comfort Big Bed Room 53.00 USD

4 star Hangzhou Blossom Water Museum Hotel - Hangzhou
Hangzhou Blossom Water Museum Hotel - HangzhouThe Hangzhou Blossom Water Museum Hotel (Hangzhou Baosheng Shuiboyuan Dajiudian) is located by the Qiantang River in the Water Museum area.
Type of Room21 Oct
Superior Twin Room Prepay included 2 breakfast81.00 USD

2 star Dinghe Business Hotel - Hangzhou
Dinghe Business Hotel - HangzhouThe Dinghe Business Hotel (Dinghe Shangwu Jiudian) is located near an exit of Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway. It is within proximity to the East Bus Station and East Railway Station. The beautiful Qiantang River is just steps away.
Type of Room21 Oct
Triple Room Prepay41.00 USD

2 star Hangzhou Yi Rong Hotel
Hangzhou Yi Rong HotelThe Yirong Hotel (Yirong Jiudian) is located near the intersection of Huzhou Street and Shenban Road, within proximity to a university.
Type of Room21 Oct
Preferential Big Bed Room Prepay31.00 USD

2 star 3B Inn Henglong - Hangzhou
3B Inn Henglong - HangzhouThe 3B Inn (3Bi Jiudian) is located in the center of Hangzhou's Xiaoshan new area, and offers guests convenient access to Xiaoshan People's Square and West Lake, a tourist favorite.
Type of Room21 Oct
Big Bed Room Prepay47.00 USD

2 star Tianhai Hotel - Hangzhou
Tianhai Hotel - HangzhouThe Tianhai Hotel (Tianhai Binguan) grants guests easy access to local transportation networks. It is within proximity to a bus station and the east railway station. Hangzhou's premier tourist attraction, the West Lake, is only ten minutes' drive from the hotel.
Type of Room21 Oct
Preferential Single Room 29.00 USD

3 star Hangzhou Heping Hotel
Hangzhou Heping HotelThe Hangzhou Peace Hotel (Hangzhou Heping Fandian) is located in downtown Hangzhou, near Wulin Square and the Peace Convention and Exhibition Center.
Not available

4 star Hangzhou Fengdu Jiari Hotel
Hangzhou Fengdu Jiari HotelFengdu Holiday Hotel is locate in the Yuhang old town with culture background, 15 minutes drive to the West Lake, 30 minutes drive to Shanghai - Hangzhou - Ningbo Expressway.
Not available

2 star Hangzhou Xidebao Hotel
Hangzhou Xidebao HotelFree broadband downtown near Wulinmen SquareThe Xidebao Hotel (Xidebao Binguan) is located in downtown Hangzhou near Wulinmen Square.
Not available

4 star Xishang Hotel - Hangzhou
Xishang Hotel - HangzhouThe Hangzhou Xishang Hotel (Hangzhou Xishang Jiudian) is a garden style hotel within easy reach of a long distance bus station.
Not available

3 star Huaxin Hotel - Hangzhou
Huaxin Hotel - HangzhouThe Zhejiang Huiyu Huaxin Hotel (Zhejiang Huiyu Huaxin Dajiudian) is a modern hotel offering accommodation, dining, entertaining and banqueting services.
Not available

4 star Huayue International Hotel - Hangzhou
Huayue International Hotel - HangzhouSituated on Huafeng Road, the Hangzhou Huayue International Hotel (Hangzhou Huayue Guoji Jiudian) is a 40-minute drive from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. Downtown Hangzhou and Hangzhou Railway Station are 6 km (3.7 mi) and 9 km (5.6 mi) away respectively.
Not available

2 star Yaoding Apartment Hotel - Hangzhou
Yaoding Apartment Hotel - HangzhouConveniently situated in Binjiang Xincheng Time Square on East Fengqi Road, the Yaoding Hotel Apartment (Yaoding Gongyu Jiudian) offers guests a number of shopping, dining and recreational facilities nearby. It is only a ten-minute drive from Hangzhou Railway Station and the West Lake.
Not available

4 star Hangzhou Phoenix Hotel
Hangzhou Phoenix HotelLocated at the foot of Phoenix Mountain in the Phoenix Mountain scenic area, the Phoenix Art Resort (Fenghuang Shanzhuang Yishu Jiudian) is a 10-minute drive from Hangzhou Railway Station.
Not available

3 star Zhejiang Hangzhou Duhao Hotel
Zhejiang Hangzhou Duhao HotelThe Duhao Hotel (Duhao Dajiudian) is located in the north of Zhejiang University Zijin'gang campus and within proximity to Xixi Wetland Park.
Not available

4 star Geshan Prince Hotel - Hangzhou
Geshan Prince Hotel - HangzhouLocated at the intersection of Jiangnan Avenue and Jianghong Road, the Geshan Prince Hotel (Geshan Pinyue Dajiudian) is situated close to the Qiantang River. This Hangzhou hotel provides rooms equipped with standard amenities including international satellite channels and broadband Internet access and includes both a non-smoking floor and an executive floor.
Not available

3 star Oriental Leisure Hotel - Hangzhou
Oriental Leisure Hotel - HangzhouThe Taixuhu Holiday Hotel (Taixuhu Jiari Jiudian) is the first leisure hotel with the theme of oriental culture in East China integrating garden, leisure and health culture. It features conference & exhibition, leisure & holiday and recuperation & body checkup.
Not available

3 star Song Cheng Hotel - Hangzhou
Song Cheng Hotel - HangzhouThe Song Cheng Hotel (Songcheng Dafandian) is located conveniently near West Lake and within walking distance of the Hefang Ancient street.
Not available

2 star Yinqiao Hotel - Hangzhou
Yinqiao Hotel - HangzhouThe Yin Qiao Hotel (Yinqiao Dajiudian) is in the bustling area on East Qingchun Road and within easy reach of downtown Hangzhou.
Not available

2 star Jing Zhong Cun Hotel - Hangzhou
Jing Zhong Cun Hotel - HangzhouThe Jingzhongcun Hostel (Jingzhongcun Lvguan) is situated between the Feilai Peak (Feilai Feng) and North Peak (Bei Gaofeng), and offers guests easy access to the Lingyin Temple.
Not available

2 star Jinyao Holiday Hotel - Hangzhou
Jinyao Holiday Hotel - HangzhouSolid meeting facilities 10km from West LakeThe Jinyao Holiday Hotel (Jinyao Jiari Dajiudian) is a business hotel located in Xiacheng District, about 10 km from Hangzhou's top sight, West Lake.
Not available

2 star Xiyuan Hotel - Hangzhou
Xiyuan Hotel - HangzhouLocated in Yuhang, the Hangzhou Xiyuan Hotel (Hangzhou Yuhang Xiyuan Binguan) enjoys a favorable location fronted by the Grand Canal before an Anle Mountain backdrop. From the hotel, guests can reach downtown Hangzhou and the West Lake scenic area in just 30 minutes.
Not available

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