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Chengdu Hotels

Chengdu hotel reservations and lodging guide offers discounts up to 60% off on hotels in Chengdu. payment directly at the hotel, list of hotels near exhibition center in Chengdu.
2 star Rongcheng Holiday Hotel - Chengdu
Rongcheng Holiday Hotel - ChengduThe Chengdu Rongcheng Holiday Hotel (Chengdu Rongcheng Jiari Jiudian) enjoys proximity to Chengdu South Railway Station. Chengdu International Convention and Exhibition Center can be reached in 4 kilometers from the hotel.
Type of Room22 Feb
Bunisess Twin Room Prepay included 2 breakfast37.00 USD

3 star Acme Hotel - Chengdu
Acme Hotel - ChengduChengdu's Acme Hotel (Aikemei Jiudian) is a business hotel located on Chengfei Avenue, close to Qingyang Industrial Base with a supermarket, bank and teahouse in the vicinity.
Type of Room22 Feb
Superior Twin Room 59.00 USD

2 star ShuangLiu Space Traders Hotel - Chengdu
ShuangLiu Space Traders Hotel - ChengduThe Yuhang Business Hotel (Yuhang Shangwu Jiudian) is located just an 8-minute drive from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport.
Type of Room22 Feb
Standard Twin Room Prepay32.00 USD

3 star Youke Hotel - Chengdu
Youke Hotel - ChengduThe Youke Hotel (Youke Jiudian) is situated within easy reach of the Metro Line 2 Chunxi Road station and about a 15-minute drive from Chengdu North Railway Station.
Type of Room22 Feb
Superior Big Bed Room included 2 breakfast47.00 USD

4 star Chengdu Pujiang Valley International Country Club
Chengdu Pujiang Valley International Country ClubThe Grande Valley International Country Club (Daxigu Guoji Xiangcun Julebu) is located by a mountain in Pujiang County.
Type of Room22 Feb
Superior Twin Room Prepay60.00 USD

2 star Qionglai Kai-cheung Le Grand Large Hotel
Qionglai Kai-cheung Le Grand Large HotelSituated close to National Highway 318, the Kaixiang Hotel (Kaixiang Dajiudian) is only one kilometers away from Passenger Terminal. This hotel is close to Pingle ancient town.
Type of Room22 Feb
Business Big Bed Room Prepay included 2 breakfast34.00 USD

4 star Chengdu Furong Liting Hotel
Chengdu Furong Liting HotelThe Furong Leading Hotel (Furong Liting Jiudian) is conveniently located just 1 km (.5 mi) from the North Railway Station and 18 km (11 mi) from the airport.
Not available

4 star Chengdu Shidai Jinjiang Guoji Hotel
Chengdu Shidai Jinjiang Guoji HotelThe Jinjiang Generation International Hotel (Chengdu Shidai Jinjiang Shangwu Jiudian) is an international business hotel located near South Gate Bridge. Besides guestrooms and restaurants, the hotel provides a conference center that holds up to 250 people, KTV, a sauna, banking, a travel agency and air ticketing service as well as a post office, beauty salon and laundromat.
Not available

4 star Chengdu Wote Hotel
Chengdu Wote HotelThe Water Hotel is located in the heart of the city's business and financial district. It is a combination of accommodation, entertainment, and shopping.
Not available

4 star Holiday Inn Chengdu Century City
Holiday Inn Chengdu Century CityThe Holiday Inn Chengdu West Century City (Chengdu Shijicheng Jiari Jiudian) is located in the city's High-Tech Development Zone, 20 minutes' drive from Shuangliu Airport and 40 minutes from the railway station. The hotel is also convenient to major area attractions and downtown shopping plazas.
Not available

3 star City Lijing Hotel Chengdu
City Lijing Hotel ChengduThe City Lijing Hotel is located at Huayang Zhengbei Lower Street, Chengdu City, with an easy access to Tianfu Software Park, Polar Ocean Park and New International Convention and Exhibition Center.
Not available

3 star Pengfei Junyuan Hotel - Chengdu
Pengfei Junyuan Hotel - ChengduLocated in the vibrant central commecial are, the Chengdu Pengfei Junyuan Hotel (Chengdu Pengfei Junyuan Jiudian) is adjacent to Kuanzhai Alley, a historic and traditional culture zone in Chengdu.
Not available

3 star Jiahao Fosta Hotel Renmin North Road - Chengdu
Jiahao Fosta Hotel Renmin North Road - ChengduAs a business hotel, the Chengdu Forstar Hotel (North Renmin Road) (Chengdu Jiahao Fosida Jiudian-Renmin Bei Lu Dian) is located on the bank of Jinjiang River in Chengdu's central area, adjacent to the CBD Wenshufang Scenic Zone.
Not available

3 star Zhengxi E Home Hotel - Chengdu
Zhengxi E Home Hotel - ChengduThe eJia Hotel Chengdu Zhengxi branch (eJia Jiudian Chengdu Zhengxi Dian) is located in the popular Chunxi Road (Chunxi Lu) commercial area.
Not available

3 star Feng Huang Hotel Gaosheng Bridge - Chengdu
Feng Huang Hotel Gaosheng Bridge - ChengduThe Phoenix Regalia Chain Hotel (Chengdu Gaosheng Bridge) (Fenghuang Yuting Jiudian Liansuo) is a business hotel located on Yihuan Road in Wuhou District, adjacent to Wuhou Temple and Jinli attractions, just a five-minute walk.
Not available

2 star Chengdu Fu Kai Super 8 Hotel
Chengdu Fu Kai Super 8 HotelThe philosophy behind Super 8 hotels, a budget brand from the US Wyndham Group, is that you don't have to spend a lot of money to have fun.
Not available

2 star Garden Hotel - Chengdu
Garden Hotel - ChengduThe Chengdu Garden Hotel (Chengdu Huayuan Jiudian) is a garden-style international located situated on Dongfeng Road. The bustling commercial street Chunxi Road is just short trip away.
Not available

3 star Chengdu Sichuan Shulan Hotel
Chengdu Sichuan Shulan HotelThe Shulan Grand Hotel (Shulan Dajiudian) is located close to the major scenic sites including Baihuatan Park, Du Fu's Thatched Cottage and The Temple of the Marquis of Wu.
Not available

3 star Babao Hotel - Chengdu
Babao Hotel - ChengduThe Babao Grand Hotel (Babao Dajiudian) is conveniently situated in downtown Chengdu, with both commercial districts and the most important scenic areas nearby. The hotel offers a full range of standard facilities and services. Considering the geographic location and reasonable rates, this hotel is a good choice for tourists and business travelers alike.
Not available

3 star Philharmonic Hotel of SCCM - Chengdu
Philharmonic Hotel of SCCM - ChengduThe Philharmonic Hotel Of SCCM (Chengdu Chuanyin Aiyue Jiudian) is founded by Sichuan Music Institute.
Not available

2 star Chengdu Court Hotel
Chengdu Court HotelChengdu Xietingge Hotel (Chengdu Xietingge Jiudian) is a fashionalbe and comfortable hotel situated in the downtown area, with Funan River and International Conference Center close by.
Not available

3 star Jiulong Hotel - Chengdu
Jiulong Hotel - ChengduThe Chengdu Jiulong Hotel (Jiulong Binguan) is a modern three-star hotel completed in 2000. Located in downtown Chengdu and conveniently close to Carrefour and the Pacific Shopping Mall, the Jiulong is only ten minutes from Tianfu Square and 15 minutes from the Chunxi Road Commercial Street by cab.
Not available

3 star Chaoyang Lake Hotel - Chengdu
Chaoyang Lake Hotel - ChengduThe Chengdu Chaoyang Lake Hotel (Chengdu Chaoyanghu Dajiudian) is located inside the Chaoyang Lake Scenic Area, with all its marvelous views and natural endowments.
Not available

3 star Xiangxi Hotel - Chengdu
Xiangxi Hotel - ChengduThe Chengdu Xiangxi Hotel (Chengdu Xiangxi Binguan) is handy to the Lotus Pool commercial loop and is also within easy reach of a popular Chengdu attraction, the historic Wenshu Temple.
Not available

3 star Chengshi Rende Hotel - Chengdu
Chengshi Rende Hotel - ChengduThe Chengshi Rende Hotel (Chengdu Chengshi Rende Jiudian) is situated on Xinhong Road, Chenghua District, near local transportation networks.
Not available

2 star Binzhi Hotel - Chengdu
Binzhi Hotel - ChengduClose to the Chengdu New International Conference and Exhibition Center, the Huayang 198 Hotel (Chengdu Huayang Yijiuba Jiudian) is also adjacent to the Metro Line 1 Shijicheng Station.
Not available

2 star Chengdu Shufeng Gardens Hotel
Chengdu Shufeng Gardens HotelJust opposite Wuhou Temple (Wuhou Ci), the Shu Feng Garden Hotel (Shufeng Huayuan Jiudian) is 8 km (11.2 mi) from Chengdu North Railway Station.
Not available

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