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Convention & Exhibition Pudong
Location: west side of Hall W3 inside
Tel: +86 21 28906084/5/6/7, 28906191/6 Fax: +86 21 28906085

Pudong Police Administration Office
Location: east side of Hall W4 outside
Tel:+86 21 28906024/6

Customs Office
Location: west side of Hall W2 inside
Tel:+86 21 28906148 / 28906146 Fax: +86 21 28906145

Security Office
Location: east side of Hall W2 inside
Tel:+86 21 28906112

SNIEC Police Station
Location: east side of Hall W4 outside
Tel:+86 21 28906015

VIP Rooms
An exclusive lounge area makes this an ideal place to pamper your VIPs. It is fully furnished with comfortable leather armchairs, coffee tables and reception corner. Refreshment service is available on request. For details, please contact the Customer Service Department +86 21 28906666
Location: North Entry Hall & South Entry Hall

Business Centre
Complete secretarial service is available at the business center. Staff can help you with fax, photocopy, Internet, printing, office supply purchase, courier, business card design and printing, newspaper and magazine printing, signage production and logistic service arrangement.
Location: South Entry Hall
Tel: +86 21 28906072/3/4/5/6

Convenience Stores
Snack, beverages and basic necessities are available in our shops.
Location: east side of Hall W2 outside
Tel: +86 21 28906096/7/8

Yinxin Flower Store
In addition to a wide range of fresh flower arrangement, Yinxin can also supply you with green plants or any type of floral decorations.
Location: east side of Hall W3 outside Tel: +86 21 28906290

Shanghai Sunrise Expo. Co. Ltd
Providing furniture-leasing service, computer applications, printing and special booth build up services.
Location: east side of Hall W2 outside
Tel:+86 21 28906186 Fax: +86 21 28906522

Eastfair Technology Company
Specializing in exhibition registration & statistical data management. On-site digital video recording, booth design & production and appliance-leasing service are also available.
Location: east side of Hall W1 outside, room H1B-4
Tel:+86 21 28906939 Fax: +86 21 28906939

Shanghai Lingtong Advertising Co.,Ltd
on-site advertising design and production
Location: West side of Hall E1 outside, room E1-B3
Tel:+86 21 28906632 Fax:+86 21 28906632

Ri Fu Printing
On-site advertising design,production, pringting etc.
Location: West side of Hall E2 outside, room E2-B1
Tel:+86 21 28906788 Fax:+86 21 28906787

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