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2014 iFresh Haiya fruit (Spring) Fair

Dates: 2014/6/12---2014/6/14

Organized Venue: Shanghai International Exhibition Center, Shanghai Loushanguanlu 88 bus routes

Industry: Food and Beverage

Exhibition City: Shanghai

Organizers: China Fruit Marketing Association Fresh Information Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Yi

Exhibition area: 11,073 square meters

The hall used: A second floor room, on the second floor B hall, ground floor Hall A, Hall B on the first floor

(Yahya fruit on iFresh Council) is Shanghai's only for the global fresh fruit and vegetable cultivation, distributors, retailers, professional service providers and trade fairs. As a touring major cities in Asia, organized the exhibition for fresh fruit and vegetables sector and Summit, "iFresh Asia Fruit Club" has been successful for many years of experience in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and other places, as delegates, exhibitors at home and abroad to provide to negotiate the exchange of high-quality, showroom display and sale transaction platform is the industry professionals annual event not to be missed! 2014 (iFresh Haiya fruit will be) by the spring and autumn fairs exhibitions constituted two events, held at the same "(iFresh Haiya fruit will) reverse Sourcing Fair" and "fresh fruit and vegetable marketing in Asia (Shanghai) Summit" integrated together to create the annual event, attendees enjoy a full range of experience (the 2014 iFresh Yahya fruit will) Spring Fair will be held at the Shanghai International Exhibition Center June 12, 2014 to 14, an exhibition area of ‚Äč‚Äčover 8,000 square meters, exhibitors quantity exceeds more than 300 professional audience of more than more than 10,000 people. (On iFresh Yahya fruit will) focus on fresh fruits and vegetables in the field of trade and docking technology products show, based in Shanghai China as the center of radiation to the rest of China's consumer market. "IFresh Asian fruit would be" committed to helping the integrity of high-quality fresh fruits and vegetables grown at home and abroad, dealers will promote products to large buyers, while also helping technology provider of advanced equipment and efficient production concepts and methods presented to industry professionals person.

Fresh fruit / Transport / Logistics

Fresh vegetables / cold chain technology and equipment

Fresh-cut and convenience products / Quality Control

Urban Farm / inspection and quarantine facilities and agencies

Seeds / seedlings / Certification Services

Cultivation techniques / technologies and traceability system

Packaging / labeling / research institutes

Grading / classification / Government / promotion agencies

Handling equipment / organic products

Storage / preservation / Media

Visit Tel 021 -62990137-804
Fax :021 -62990137-802
Address: Shanghai Putuo District No. 1068 A17B XiKang

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