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China International Textile Fabric and Accessories Exposition (interTEXTILE)

Exhibition Venue: Shanghai new international expo center

Fair Organizer: China international trade textile industry branch, Frankfurt, Germany exhibition company

Event Profile: "China international textile fabric, home textile products and accessories exposition" (interTEXTILE) was founded in 1995, fair the origin of the concept and the market localization based on two aspects: one is the development of China's garment industry of new, high-grade fabrics to a large number of demand and clothing textiles face to a higher level and upgrade the industry requirements; 2 it is China's home textile products especially decoration textile market with the booming rise and its industry broad prospects for development. In order to promote the development of China's textile industry and textile market, enhance the prosperity of textile industry international trade and economic and technical exchanges and cooperation, China international trade branch and textile industry in Frankfurt, Germany, in China exhibition company decided to cooperate with the household textile fabrics held the international trade exposition. Expo exhibits categories mainly divided into three categories: one is the fabric and accessories; 2 it is all kinds of interior decoration material; Three is household use textiles. "China international textile fabric, home textile products and accessories exposition" since its inception, always insisting on the principle of professional and trading and service, to exhibitors industries, the market service tenet, the focus of the expo professional audience of the organization, the international latest popular information transfer, and contributed to the essence of trade and cooperation, fair development is rapid, effect is remarkable. At the same time, the expo also get the exhibitors and visitors and industry members the consistent high praise, they think, "China international textile fabric, home textile products and accessories exposition" just what they need international professional trade show, it not only lies in the high standard of the fair organization and service, the more important is its vivid professional and promote trade and cooperation of effort to make them rich harvest. "China international textile fabric and accessories (qiu dong) exposition" has been established by the exhibition area, in 1995 the first of 4000 square meters increased to 2006 years of the 11 th 80500 square meters, the exhibitors and the first of the 12 countries and regions, more than 100 rose to 2006 in to 23 countries and regions of the 2023. These growth figures show a kind of development, the more means that Chinese and foreign exhibitors and related sectors with a and recognition of the fair. Can say, "China international textile fabric and accessories (qiu dong) exposition" has become China's worthy of the largest and the most extensive influence of international trade exhibition textile fabrics. At present, China's main cloth and decorative fabric manufacturer is the annual "China international textile fabric and accessories (qiu dong) exposition" as the enterprise important business activities to treat, guangdong, zhejiang, adornment fabric enterprise and even to release of product as fair is the most important places. At the same time, the European commission also put this fair as the country's most dynamic and the prospects of the textile exhibition, always support and sponsorship European manufacturers. Germany, France, Britain, Spain, Belgium, Italy and other countries of each expo in in the form of, seek to 13 trade and cooperation opportunity. Visit the exposition from professional audience terms, "China international textile fabric and accessories (qiu dong) exposition" has become China's clothing enterprise design with purchasing department the first choice of exposition, sampling order of all kinds of fabric product distributors, wholesalers and agent and so on also put this exposition order and understanding each year as the international fashion trend of the first place. 2006 exposition attracted 97 countries and areas of the 52295 trade visitors to visit, including overseas audience about accounted for 20% of the total number of audience, which fully embodies the "China international textile fabric and accessories (qiu dong) exposition" growing international. At each of the expo, in addition to the normal place during the exhibition and negotiate outside, still have a series of rich and colorful technology exchange, this includes related products latest international fashion trend and enterprise new product introduction and expo organizing committee of the organization about industry, the market and trade policy, and other aspects of the seminar.

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Products: * of all kinds of textile fabric-cotton, hemp, silk/copy silk, wool/copy wool, chemical fiber, knitting, function fabric, embroidery, printing bud silk fabric, etc * all kinds of garment accessories-lining cloth, zipper, line belt, sign, buttons, racks, etc * all kinds of auxiliary equipment, computer aided design, textiles testing, etc * all kinds of media publications-design/image, professional journals, electronic commerce and trade

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