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The 11 th Shanghai International Children, Infants, Pregnant Women, Children's products Exposition Shanghai Expo Clothing and Accessories ( CMBE )

Exhibition Venue: Shanghai new international expo center (SNIEC) the pudong new area in Shanghai longyang road, number 2345

Fair Organizer: The fashion magazine of parenting

Event Profile: 2010 Shanghai international children, infants, pregnant women, in 2010 products exposition on 31, collection, exhibition, closed achieved very good results, exhibitors and dealers to you now reports as follows: Asia is the biggest, A record 2010 years CBME exhibition exhibition area of 69000 square meters, 3200, 950, 1430 exhibitors booth the brand. Compared with 2009, the exhibition area increased by 38%, the exhibitors increased by 26%, the brand increased by 33%, the first in Asia to remain. B TongZhuangZhan leaps to the domestic first After three years of development, CBME TongZhuangZhan into the largest TongZhuangZhan, children's clothing exhibition area of 14950 square meters, is the increased by 140%, and attracted 188 baby outfit, children's clothing, children and accessories brand exhibition. The show in 2010, received 250 DuoGe children's clothing brand of the exhibition, and look forward to the next apply for 2011 more brand to join. C innovation and environmental protection products 63 product involved in the innovation and environmental protection product, compared with the award 37% growth; This shows that enterprise pay more and more attention to product development and innovation, hope that through this activity, encourage more enterprise pay more attention to the innovation of the enterprise and environment, the best and most safe products to the world's baby. D overseas buyers toll rapidly As CBME exhibition overseas promotion work thorough, CBME international popularity also promote quickly, 2010 CBME exhibition to overseas buyers, a total of 8671 people in 2009, a 91% increase from 78 countries overseas buyers and the speed of amazing. E buyers record number A total of 81539 trade visitors this exhibition, a 28% growth in 2009. The infant child industry market demand, low investment risk of rigid features, make 26% of the audience hope by visiting, looking for new investment projects. F purchasing goods is complete From maternal and infant supplies, stroller, clothing, toys to food, all pregnant women, infants, and children related products can be found on the CBME exhibition. You can purchase the complete goods." G many overseas Chinese market brand aiming The European and American market of recession, and China's vast market capacity of the rapid growth of the bring, let many overseas Chinese market, and brand aiming CBME exhibition is for overseas exhibitors find China and Asian partners working the best platform, 2010 CBME show a total of 384 overseas brand exhibition

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Products: Exhibition range: maternal and infant supplies, stroller bed and bedding, children's furniture, infants and children's toys, education supplies, souvenirs, clean wash protect products, children's clothing and infant outfit, children, YunZhuang and pregnant women, children's food and underwear danger such as health care TongQuan danger series products.

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