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Exhibition Information

The exhibition centre covers the total area of 330,000 square meters, and the total building area of 150,000 square meters, the first fair occupies building area of 74,000 square meters, and the out-door space of 80,000 square meters, the in-door space can hold 2,615 international standard booths.

The Service Areas are placed in the Office sequence, Front corridor as well as the north 2nd floor. There is each one discharging platform in South and North Hall, four lorry entrances with the width of 24 meters, Fast food restaurant and Warehouse, etc.

The maximum height of the exhibition is 38.4 meters and the minimum height 12 meters; the Office sequence has many Service Areas around with large space and broad view, about 2,800 square meters, the out-door space reaches 90,000 square meters to exhibit, and the roof adopts the large span space truss of prestressed sustained steel tube, which ensures the pillar less space with the depth of 90 meters and width of 260 meters. Inside the Hall is equipped with the full facility of water, gas, electricity, Fire Alarm, Closed Monitor, CATV, Background Music, IDD, Internet, Business Center, Small pieces depositing, Fast food restaurant, Coffee Room, Storage, Conference system, Sale and check system, Enquiry system and Audience register system, all the equipments adopt the international famous brands.

As the 21st century's Exhibition, it adopts many new technologies and new materials in building, and external adopts the Fluorocarbon Dope with the self-cleaning function, the glass screen in front of exhibition face was designed and installed by the point suction glass screen originator of French HOL Company using the newest technology, which guarantees the Office sequence, Front corridor saturating and bright.

China telecom was specialized in placing the Communicate network station in the exhibition center, which guaranteed the highest linking speed and all the newest voice mail service directly joined national main website through the fiber optic, the exhibition's design introduced into the concept of automatic integration that ensured the highest reaction speed of the emergency. Behind the authoritative exert guidance on the design, the large interspaces, free separate exhibition area, 24 meters stocks door, and multiple accesses, three exhibitions can be held at the same time, completely consider for the modern exhibition, and service for the modern exhibition.

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