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Foreigner Statistical Analysis

Foreigner analysis report of China Yiwu International Commodity Fair 2005

Upon the data from foreign trader registration, these could be edited a report from foreigner's regions and countries distribution, attending enterprises scale, trader category, purpose, times, attracting industry, professional participators as followings:

One: Foreigners region and country distribution

It achieved noticeable results in Yiwu Fair 2005, with 83363 professional audiences, of which 12196 persons were overseas ones; its internationalization and specialization were promoted, which expressed at the sharply increasing number of foreign businessman. The base situation of foreign participators as below: Real registration reached 12196 persons, loading data/retrieve registration form covered 11568 copies, the valid form has 8900 copies, and business card gathered 12650 papers (involving 539 papers from businessman left). It was about 2500 interpreters joined the fair.

The overseas traders came from 158 countries and regions, mainly in Asia (occupied 57%), it decreased 5 percentage points compared with 2004 of 62%, and instead, the number of attending European traders has sharply increased, exceeded 2500 persons, nearly made up 18% of total foreign traders, raised 5 percentage points compared with 2004 of 13%. The participators from Africa kept the balance of 2004 (6%), but North American and Latin American traders were up to two percentage points than total amounts of 2004, made up comparatively parts (9% and 7% respectively). In addition, more and more traders from Australia and New Zealand , the proportion of Oceania 's raised up to 3% (2% in 2004). Overseas trader's region structure (See table one)

From sheet 1, in preceding 15 countries and regions, we knew that Korean, Taiwan, American and Hong Kong remained the same on the basic of 2004, (Upon the number of people, the proportion of Hong Kong and Taiwan's got down, and Korea raised up). And India successive advanced, ranked No. 5, replaced Indonesia ( India was No. 6 in 2004, and No. 13 in 2003). From Spain and French, it also has a big increasing, entered into 10 out ( Spain and French ranked No. 7 and No. 8 respectively). Australia was the first time to be recorded on the list (top 15), and join into top 10, broken the history record, it indicated “the Oceania had a big chance to become the developing market after European and United States ”.

Sheet 3

Compared with the previous fair, the participators from European Union showed upward trend, raised to 12.51% from 9.95% of 2004, so Arab league did, from 8.74% of 2004 to 10.44%.

Diagram 2-1,

Mostly overseas medium and small-sized enterprises participated in this fair. From the results of “Number of attending overseas staffs”, it expressed that overseas purchasers were mainly from medium and small-sized enterprises contained 11-50 staffs, and the proportion of large-scale enterprises of over 50 persons also reached 25% or above.

Diagram 2-2,

Further investigation result showed that overseas enterprises of fair 2005 were trend to be optimized. In terms of annual import turnover, the enterprises scale: Medium enterprises with the import turnover of USD1000 thousand to USD5000 thousand made up 1/4 of total attending overseas enterprisers, and extremely small rate (12.5%) from small-size enterprises with import turnover of USD100 thousand below.

Table 3-1

From this investigation, in terms of trading quality, foreign merchants could be divided into 7 categories, involving exported, manufacturer, wholesaler and tradesman, and each rate: 40% from importer, 17% from wholesaler, 17% from agent, 9% from manufacturer, 4% from tradesman and 2% from others (see table 3-1). Among, the proportion of manufacturer increased 2 percentage points compared with 2004, and agent & reseller all raised 4 percentage points. Generally speaking, in case of the overall and total number of foreign merchants all increased, the rate of importers maintained the main part (sum of importer and wholesalers occupied nearly 60%).

Diagram 4-1

Got the information from diagram 4-1, foreign merchants aim to “purchase products” and “order new products” in the fair, made up 70.82%, nearly 10% of overseas participators wanted to get relevant information about business development through the fair, and exceed 12% of surveyed were aim to search cooperation chance.

Diagram 5-1

From the results: the old clients/faithful clients have occupied 30%, and the proportion of foreign merchants who attended the fair for the first time made up nearly 45%; It showed that there would be more faithful participators and more stronger base of overseas clients. Attractive index of “Yiwu fair” still has room to increase, and still had a huge market for high-end clients.

Table 6-1

By “Audience interested industry” horizontal contrast, we could find the most attractive industries were office & sport articles and outdoor appliances respectively, ranked the second was case and leather, the attractive level of electronic products and house ware were in uniformity. By lengthwise, house ware, toys and hardware got down, instead, case, glasses and electronic products became more and more favored by foreign merchants (up 4%, 2%, and 1% respectively than 2004).

From above chart, the day of Oct. 22 was busiest; and the time section of registration from 9:00 to 12:00 was peak season. Moreover, it introduced the fair pass processing system was exploit by Beijing Fucheng Information & Technology Co., Ltd, realized the intelligent management for the entire procedure of registration (supported by the network and computer), greatly enhanced the handle efficiency on site, also provided the convenience for counting the investigation data simultaneously.

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