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Registration process

Prepare relative exhibition data (the copy of reviewed business license, catalog sample and relative certificates) – fill in application form/application and registration submitted online (fill in Chinese and English enterprise name and brief introduction as request) – handle the complete enterprises materials to exhibition affairs department ( 1F , Meihu Exhibition Center) – check by exhibition affairs department of organizing committee – to arrange the booths upon the enterprise's quality bite by bite – payment – receive booth confirmation and materials – prepare the photo – register by booth confirmation

Upon the enterprise's quality and <<2006 Yiwu Fair – Management and arrangement for the booths>> to arrange the booths.

A line: One-day Tour of Yiwu – Jinhua

D1, Yiwu - Jinhua By bus, Shuanglong tourist Scenic District (Lodging in Yiwu)

B line: One-day Tour of Yi – Zhuji

D1, Yi – Zhuji By bus, Wuxie Beauty spot (Lodging in Yiwu)

C line: One-day Tour of Yiwu – Wuyi

D2, Yi – Wuyi by bus, Guodong, Yuyuan village (Lodging in Yiwu)

D line: One-day Tour of Yi – Hangzhou

D1, Yi – Hangzhou by bus,

E line: 2-day Tour of Yiwu-Jinhua-Lanxi-Hengdian

D1, Yi – Lanxi By bus,

D2, To Dongyang Hengdian, Qin Palace , Dazhi Temple ,

F line: 2-day Tour of Yi – Pujiang – Jinhua

G line: 2-day Tour of Yi – Dongyang Hengdian – Pujiang

H line: 3-day Tour of Yi – Jinhua – Lanxi – Fangyan - Dongyang Hengdian

Above charge include touristry car with air-conditioning, around-way excellent guidance service, entrance tickets, meal fee, and travel agency liability insurance.

Contact Tel: 0579-5312273/5314713 (F) 0579-5324403

Add: 8 Danxi Road , Yiwu , Zhejiang China

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