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Exhibition procedures

First: Exhibition Pomp

Exhibition area: 90,000 sq meters; International standard stands: 4,000

Attending enterprises: 2,000; Overseas trade merchant: 15,000 persons

Special purchase group: over 70 overseas trade purchasing group, over 11 multinational retail Groups

Second: The scope of trade exhibitors and contact

•  The first exhibition department: Stationery & Sports Articles, Leisure Articles, Toys, Textiles, Shoes & Caps

Tel: 0579-5415222 Fax: 0579-5415444

2. The second exhibition department: Daily Hardware, Electron & Electrical Appliance, Cages & Bags, Cosmetics, Cleaning Articles

Tel: 0579-5415111 Fax: 0579-5415005

3. The third exhibition department: Craftwork & Gifts, Fashion jewelry / Accessories, Houseware

Tel: 0579-5415333 Fax: 0579-5415244

•  Customer service department: Network information

Tel: 0579-5415195 Fax: 0579-5415777

Product Categories

A: Fashion jewelry / Accessories

B: Cosmetic, Cleaning Articles

C: International High Quality Products

D: E-commerce/Knitting Articles

E/F: Arts and Crafts

G: Stationery & Sports Articles, Leisure Articles, Toys, Houseware

H: Shanhai Co-operation, Leather & Cage

K: Cages & Bags, Electron & Electrical Appliance, Daily Hardware

Time: Oct. 22 – 26

Hosts: Ministry of Commerce of PRC, China International Trade Promotion Committee, China Commerce Union, Zhejiang Provincial People's Government, China Light Industry Union

Co-Hosts: Zhejiang Provincial Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, Yiwu Municipal People's Government

Venue: China Yiwu Meihu Exhibition Centre

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