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Exhibition Qualification

(One) Enterprises can obtain the Guaranteed Section if they conformed to one of the following terms:

•  To be listed as “Key Support & Development Famous Bands Export Goods by Commerce Department”, possess State famous trademark, Chinese famous brand products or pass ISO;

•  To be listed as “Provincial Key Support & Development Famous Bands Export Goods”, possess provincial famous trademark or provincial famous brand products;

•  Possess local (municipal) famous trademark or local (municipal) famous brand products;

•  Hold overseas legal registered trademark or overseas manufacturer;

•  Attending Yiwu Fair for 3 sections continuously or above until today;

•  Apply 4 stands (include above 4), and ask for special fitment.

(Two) Any applicant conformed to one of the following terms can apply for allocation sections; recruit from high to low according to their own qualification:

•  Manufacture own the right to manage the import and export products;

•  Attending products own registered trademark;

•  Attending products hold patent certificate or excellent products certificate;

•  Accumulatively attend Yiwu Fair 3 times (include 3 times)or above;

•  2005 annual ratepaying: above RMB 100,000;

•  Annual export delivery rate: above RMB100,000;

Note: Special Industry need provide the license, Health Permit and Products Survey Report.
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