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Application process:

1. Applicants fill in list of exhibiting item and provide relative information in attachment as request.

2. Check – Organizing Committee of Fair;

3. Hosts send exhibiting notice, and confirm its qualifications;

4. Participating units should provide reference information (electronic document) as request, made by organizers together;

5. Moving-in, organizers receive model and exhibiting products from exhibitors, check and confirm the exhibiting products and commentary on-site;

6. Confirmed by exhibitors after organizers completed <<China Hi-tech Fair Transactions Case Collection>>.

7. Open exhibition, exhibitors will have a comment, or products operators can handle cards or receive tickets after approved by organizers.

Relative charge

1. All projects selected by organizers to make model and undertake relative fees together. And the participating units should pay the excess furniture rental.

2. All selected projects are written into <<China Hi-tech Fair Transactions Case Collection>>, but relative information should be unified confirmation by organizers.

3. All selected projects can free handle two pieces of pass cards, and daily given extra ticket in session.

4. Provide the charge of travel, accommodation and others for themselves.

5. Provide the charge of exhibition model, transportation, post, checking and custodian for themselves.

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