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Main contents

First: Hi-Tech Fair – The most effective trading platform

Hi-Tech Fair is the central content. It provides the service of discussing business for the domestic and foreign hi-tech enterprises, item owners, investors, intermediaries and Chinese and foreign enterprise.

It mainly holds exhibition, transaction and negotiation activity by the groups as delegations. Each exhibition attracts all the domestic provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, 30 famous universities and over ten exhibitors' countries with the highest technical items, enterprises as well as institutions to attend, which becomes the largest Hi-Tech business transaction market in China.

The exhibition has the several kinds of transaction, is very activity. It continues to promote some activities after successfully introducing the insurance invested in Hi-Tech Fair, include “Hi-Tech achievement action”, “Hi-Tech Project Matching Negotiation Section”, “Investors' Negotiation Section”, and establishes “Technical Property Location”, various of the transaction forms promote the achievement exhibition, which become the most active trading platform for Hi-Tech Fair.

Set-up exhibition and transaction area

1. Domestic Provincial and municipality Government Delegation Section

2. Foreign Government Delegation Section

3. University/College Delegation Section

4. Organizers Section

5. Hong Kong, Macau , Taiwan and Student abroad Delegation Section

6. Investors Section

Holding large transaction and negotiation activity

•  Hi-Tech Project Matching Negotiation Branch

•  Investors' Negotiation Section

Second: Hi-Tech Specialized Shows – Collect the world newest technology and products

Specialized Shows express the world newest technology and products, which is the largest Import transaction fair. It offers the platform to show out the strength, technology, trading, cooperate and negotiation for the traders at home and abroad.

•  The traders at home and abroad come in a continuous stream, converge together.

•  An international assembly of top industry experts and professionals, exchange each other.

•  The world Hi-tech technology and products declare their views completely, very flourishing.

•  The largest market of importing high technologies and products in China .

•  Information technology and products show

Information technology and products show is one of the most influencing shows currently in China information industries, which plays an important role to introduce communication, network and the last computers solutions, products, technology as well as service, invites a great deal of policy makers, purchasers, and experts to visit this exhibition who have an impact in the different industries, and also provides the exhaustive, excellent service and environment for exhibitors to show in the site, in order to obtain the optimal impression. Moreover, it attracts large numbers of domestic and foreign famous enterprises to attend, is the most important way to export and import information technologies and products in China .

•  Biological technology and products show

As the preceding technology of the modern social science domain, Biological technology is the focus of today's world, but also is one of the global fastest-growing hi-tech fields.

It's the keystone to exhibit today's biological technologies and products, biological technology equipments, biological engineering information, management technology and others, provides the specialized location for exhibitors to show and exchange biology technology and products. In meantime, holds some technology lectures with the topic of exhibitions; deeply introduce the last technology and current development, becomes an integrated platform for technology exchange and cooperation.

•  New material, new energy sources, environmental technology and products show

It is keystone to introduce the preceding technology of electric information material, new type of energy sources along environment material, hi-performance structural material, and special material, new type of building material, Nano-materials, material facilities and processing technology, organizes the negotiation about the new materials items, offer the more chances to exhibit, propagandize and exchange, negotiate for exhibitors, meanwhile, promote the exhibitors to exchange the business each other through the special technology lectures, discuss the development of the new material, new energy sources, environmental technology in future.

•  Agricultural Hi-Tech and products show

It supplies a stage to exhibit technology and products for the agricultural enterprises and organizations as the comprehensive and high-level exhibition, build a platform for agricultural technology and information exchange, and create the advantage, combine with technology and financing, offer the chance to make agricultural hi-tech transform the productive power.

It mainly shows today's biology agriculture, information agriculture, agricultural machine, establishment agriculture, agricultural production material, plating and breed aquatics, farm produce processing and other technology and products. It is an important stage of seeking financing and technology to promote agricultural hi-tech transformation on the market in China , and also is an important way to promote Agricultural hi-tech products export, enlarge technology export and import.

Third: The import hi-tech and products exchange

China Hi-Tech Fair is the largest fair for importing high technologies and products in China ; the one of the main aim is that organize and develop to import the hi-tech and products, promote the economic exchange and cooperate. The conversations set up the specialized shows for importing technology & laying out products, which exhibit and exchange the hi-tech products from foreign enterprise and investigation, are convenient for merchants to import and negotiate the High-technology and products.

Total two parts:

Import products exhibition and exchange

Foreign products stock exchange

Forth: China Hi-Tech Forum --- Discuss the foreground of the world hi-tech development

China Hi-Tech Forum is praised as Chinese “Fortune Forum”, which attracts the domestic and foreign government officials, Nobel Prize laureates, scientists, economists and presidents from famous multinational enterprises have delivered speeches at China Hi-Tech Forum according to the high-level, high-specification and authoritative. The experts and professionals assemble together to exchange the preceding trends of the development in global hi-technology and economy.

At each China Hi-Tech Forum, the master of famous scientific management and policy heroes from multinational countries dedicate us the idealistic banquet and intelligent meal.

The main speech guests

---- Nobel Prize laureates

Nobel economics laureates: Robert. Mundell of “”

Nobel economics laureates: Amartya Sen

Nobel economics laureates, English Cambridge Professor: James Alexander Mirrlees

Nobel economics laureates: Robert W. Fogel

Nobel physics laureates, Dean of Russia academy of sciences: Zhores I. Alferov

Nobel physics laureates:

Nobel physics laureates: Zhu Liwen

Nobel chemistry laureates, University of Pennsylvania Professor: Alan G. MacDiarmid

Nobel medicine and physiology laureates, PCR technology originator: Kary B. Mullis

Nobel chemistry laureates, Chinese Academy of Sciences Foreign academician: Hartmut. Michel

Nobel medicine & physiology laureates,

----- Government official, management masters, Leading authority

Vice-chairman of National People's Committee: Mr. Cheng Siwei

Minister of Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economy Cooperate, P. R. China: Mr. Shi Guangsheng

Vice Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology, P. R. China: Mr. Dengnan

Chairman of China Securities Regulatory Commission: Mr. Zhou Xiaochuan

Financial Secretary of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region: Mr. Liang Jinsong

Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology of Britain : Mr. Lord Sainsbury

Undersecretary of Ministry of Fisheries of Canada : Mr. Jean-Claude Bouchard

Vice Minister of Ministry of Productive Activities of Italy : Mr. Adolfo Urso

Former Director-General of WTO: Mr. Mike Moore

NASDAQ International CEO: Mr. JohnT. Wall

Global executive vice president of Oracle Corporation: Mr. Derek Williams

Broad Chairman of International Data Group: Mr. Patrick J. McGovern

Sina CEO: Mr. Mao Daolin

Chairman of the broad of Directors and CEO of Haier Group: Mr. Zhang Ruimin

President of Microsoft ( China ) Ltd and General Manager of Microsoft global technology centre: Mr. Tang Jun

President and CEO of Lenovo Group Ltd: Mr. Yang Yuanqing

Deputy Director of Chinese Academy of Science, First State-Supreme Science and Technology Prize Winners: Me. Wu Wenjun

China Hi-Tech Forum consists of Subject Lecture, Special Report, and Seminar

•  Subject Lecture

China Hi-Tech Forum is well known at home and abroad as the high-specification, high-level and authoritative. Up to the present, insist on the principle of “Fewer but better”; mainly invite the domestic and foreign government officials, Nobel prizes winners, famous scientist, economist, president of MNC and scholars/professionals from different regions, to discuss the hot-topic of the development of China Hi-Tech, to push forward international development in science and technology with innovative thinking.

•  Special Report

The special report mainly focus on the hot-topic of some specifically technology for discussion. The speakers are the renowned experts in specifically technical areas at home and abroad.

•  Seminar

Seminar takes apart the status of one particular enterprise or one field, evaluate and forecast the future development. The speakers are the senior administrator from domestic and foreign enterprises, technical personnel and scholars in the specifically areas.

Fifth: Special Events

Special events of China Hi-Tech ---- “super-SUPER Special events”

“Super-SUPER( S-Service; U-Unique; P- Presidents; E-Executives; R-Relationship) Special events ” provides “menu-style” service for Chinese and foreign government officials, CEO of transnational companies, senior executives of stock exchanges and scholars.

Through providing customized “menu-style” service to enterprisers, well-know scholars and government officials, to strengthen the exchange and cooperation of the domestic provinces, municipalities, academics, offices and enterprises with the oversea governments, the enterprise circle and academe, to help foreign traders to know the development status of China Hi-Technology and market, promote the transformation and strengthen the function of the exhibition's window and platform.

The special events become an important window to exchange and cooperate for the domestic and foreign government officials, scientists, and CEO as the personalized service with the distinctive characteristics.

China Hi-Tech Fair original----Overseas Listing Events series

It provides for the domestic multitudinous high-tech enterprises and pioneer & investment cooperation walk to overseas market to hold. It is the first time to hold this activity in the 4 th China Hi-Tech Fair, it attracts 10 domestic and foreign Stock exchanges to attend energetically at once, including London Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Korea Stock Exchange, Toronto Stock Exchange, Australia Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Singapore Stock Exchange, etc, and many Stock Exchanges are the first to set foot in Chinese market. Each Stock Exchange comes while in high spirits, and come back with fruitful results.

The event attracts large quantities of intermediaries with several hundred Chinese enterprises to participate, but Chinese enterprises needn't go outside, get the comprehensive listing of information about overseas markets, and obtain the good chance to directly consult with overseas exchange face to face. Moreover, the news media at home and abroad are competing with one another to report, full tracking. Get enthusiastic response from all social circles.

More and more overseas exchanges will show their enchantment to attract Chinese enterprises comes into the overseas market in China Hi-Tech Fair. The Overseas Listing Event will be the stage for overseas exchanges to contend Chinese markets, and become the fast lane to join into the global economic circle for Chinese enterprises that use the international capital markets.

China Hi-Tech Special-----Student abroad Event

It provides the comprehensive display and exchange service to overseas students. From 1999 China Hi-Tech Fair to todays, it brought the prodigious influence between overseas students; there are hundreds of overseas students attend to exhibit and exchange with the latest hi-technology items. The special “Assembly pioneering study”, includes “Pioneering study forum”, “The head of private capital and technology entrepreneurs' dialogue”, “Overseas student with Enterprises Matching Negotiation Even”, etc, which shows the success of the students pioneer, provide students an opportunity to talk with the capital face to face and help them find chance to cooperate.

Along with the China Hi-Tech Fair's force enlarges increasingly, as well as the demonstration effect of overseas students carve out successfully who returned to country, so that it attracts more and more students abroad with the high educational background to participate fair, and it become the important bridge for students abroad returned to Country to carve out.

The sixth: Permanent technology exchange

CHTF takes the lead in putting forward the concept of “Combine with close and unclose” in the world. “Unclose exchange” is CHTF permanent technology exchange, which holds various exchange events in each year, such as items matching, items promotion, Negotiation, exchange online, display online, technology exchange and so on, provide high technology item promotion, negotiation, financing and packing service. It is one of most vivid characteristics of CHTF.

High technology item matching event is held throughout the country as the form of CHTF branch, has been held in Beijing, Hubei, Hong Kong, Sichuan, Shandong and Heilongjiang to success early or late. To organize the activities for the center, radiate the surrounding areas, promote the countrywide high technology exchange and industrialization. Evoked a strong reaction throughout the country and has been the classical work of CHTF permanent technology exchange.

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