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Beijing International Auto Exhibition was paid close attention by the people

Beijing International Auto Exhibition was a large Business and Cultural Activities to show out the international auto products, technology for visitors, which attracted the 100 thousands of the audiences to visit, from each National ministry, related Organizations, Corporations, Auto Groups, Provincial / municipal / regional auto director institution, Scientific research institutes, Junior academy, Inside and outside auto production and sale corporation, and interrelated industries, corporations, enterprise units along the social persons.

Many experts and technical staffs absorbed merits each other that you have not through discussing in exhibition, the common people from Beijing city with the auto lovers enjoyed the good luck of seeing the new vehicles, new technology, new ideas rare who met together in Beijing international auto exhibition. The daily number of visitors reached 70,000, the total of visitors arrived to over 400,000, which became the focus in the society.

In the fifth exhibition of 1998 and the sixth exhibition of 2000, the pomp of living broadcast the auto in the gold time of CCTV channel that promoted the national audience, even more persons in the world to know the current development situation of domestic and foreign auto industry as well as the pomp of Beijing international auto exhibition. It was the fist time that the media selected the exhibition as the location for screening, which looked like more wonderful for the success of the fair.

The organizers and sponsors of last exhibition adopted various measures in order to interview conveniently and the status of our country's auto industry, which exploded the domestic reports' enthusiasm. According to statistics, there were more than 500 media from home and abroad to report this car show, Chinese and foreign journalists reached 1,600, and this year reached a high record of 5,000 persons.

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Beijing International Automobile Exhibition
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  • Beijing International Auto Exhibition was paid close attention by the people

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