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Technology exchange was rising quietly

It would be held the large and medium-sized Special Report, Cooperation Fair and Technical Exchange during each exhibition in order to complement the exhibition held. Of which the high international workshop, various Technical Exchanges with the abundant content and Special Report has become the highlight.

Like 1996 Car Show, the Discuss Exchange reached 25 fields; include Special Report of Auto industrial reformation and development was formed by the Organizers; the large model technology seminar of the introduction of Europe auto industry development was formed by EC with Organizers; The Chinese and Foreign “Auto spare parts cooperation seminar” was formed by HK Productivity Council with Organizers; The “car with the motor sports seminar” was formed by Chinese car sports league with China Auto Industry Corporation; The special Report about America TRW Company of “Best model technology system of Auto airbag” and “Multifunction Switch with Driver information center” which attracted many professional technical staffs to discuss and exchange.

The International learning seminar of “21st Century World with Chinese Auto Industry” was held during the Seventh Beijing International Auto Exhibition 2002, of which the conference topic was that China auto industry would be faced with the Opportunities and Challenges after entering WTO, as well as the impact of Auto Industry for the economic globalization.

Adhere to innovate, strive to perfect

Each Beijing International Auto Exhibition, the Organizers will introduce some new measures to perfect the exhibition's management and service function, to excavate the exhibition's social and cultural connotations.

For instance, continue to amend the hardware facilities of the exhibition, to improve the conditions of services and surrounding traffic environment, and install the touch screen-tour guide in the entrance hall; it holds the exhibition of “Photo championship”, “Exhibition Model Contest” and “Auto Fengyun List Selection” during the exhibition period, which adds the cultural color for the exhibition; it also launch the exhibition's “Mascot”, “Solar super-show television display” and create the exhibition area named of the “Exhibition in exhibition”, set up the “Beijing International Auto Environmental Park” in Beijing Zhaoyang Park, where can be held the exhibition's “Special performance” and others, it creates the preferable cultural atmosphere, and it also incarnates the organizers' spirit of seeking the “reformation and innovation” actively.

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