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Rules and procedures of Exhibition

•  Registration

Registration will become effective once the organizers receive the order form from the related exhibitors. The submitted order form, regardless of original or faxed, shall be deeded a contact legally binding on the organizer and the exhibitor concerned.

All the order forms with the official seal must be properly signed by the exhibition corporation and submitted directly to the organizers or through the exhibition sales agent.

•  Advance reservation: 6% discount

Advance reservation discount makes into effect before 31st March 2006 and charges by the published rate list on 1st April 2006. In order to obtain this qualification, the exhibitors must submit 50% deposit payment before 31 March 2006. Otherwise, the benefit of advance reservation discount will be invalidation and published rates be applied automatically without notice.

•  Booths distribution

After receiving the order form, the organizer will send a detailed floor plan to the exhibitors so as to point out the location of their booths or VIP room. The organizer will make every effort to allocate the location of the stands, VIP room and static display space as request. But out of the conflict or under the situation of defending its personal requirements, the organizer has the final and full decision to adjust the distributive booths.

•  Cancellation

50% cancellation charge will be levied on all signed order form before 1st April 2006.

100% cancellation charge will be levied from 1st April 2006, and all charges will not be refunded for any cancellation from this day.

In case of cancellation, the related booths or VIP room will be handled by the organizers.

•  Booths transfer

Exhibitors are not allowed to transfer parts or all the booths or VIP rooms to any third party without prior approval of organizer.

6. Technical support

Upon order content, the exhibitors will receive a <<Exhibitor Manual>>, <<VIP Room Manual>> and <<Flight Manual>>. These manuals will provide the related technical data for exhibitors to prepare their participation. If it has discrepancy with the manual, please consult the above handbooks.

7. Exhibitor's benefits

Be invited to attend opening ceremony and other activities

A number of free exhibitor ID and professional audience tickets

Load on the Official Catalogue for free

Assistance in visa application and other matters related to the event

Long-term assistance in finding the trader partners under the match-making project

8. Force majeure

In case of irresistible incident, the organizer has the final and full decision to modify the exhibition's date, venue, duration and time without giving rise to any claims for indemnity.

9. Exhibition schedule



Press Day/Opening Ceremony

Trade Day

Public Day



Oct. 22-30

Oct. 30

Oct. 30-Nov. 3

Nov. 4-5

Nov. 6-8







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