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Exhibition Facilities Introduction

The exhibition center occupies a land area of 1,300,000 square meters, of which 3 parking lots and 1 VIP parking lot coves an area of 496,900 square meters, and can provide 60,000 parking spaces; The exhibiting area is 408,000 square meters; The area of forestation reaches 300,000 square meters; And the 3 exhibition halls covers the area of 43,120 square meters which can provide 1800 standard booths; The press center has an area of 11,860 square meters, is a multi-purpose modernized one for news edition, business negotiation, academic exchange and working, etc. There are 35 standard VIP Rooms with 72 square meters in each one, and totaling 2,520 square meters; Comprehensive Business Village has 57 booths with each 30 square meters, and total building area sizes 5,500 square meters; What's more, it can provide 700 parking spaces in the exhibition area.

In exhibition centre, is equipped with the full facilities of water, electricity, air-conditioning, communications, fire-fighting, television monitoring, broadcast and conference equipment, etc.

The Press center

The press center is a multi-purpose modernized one for news edition, business negotiation, academic exchange and working, with a building area of 11,860 square meters.

The press centre possesses 7 conference rooms, with different sizes ranging from 40 square meters to 120 square meters, are satisfied with the meetings of various scales and levels. The background boards, broadcasting system are installed in conference room. Upon request, such service as flowers and receptionists can be furnished.

The multi-purpose Hall

The multi-purpose hall occupies an area of 706 square meters, with 531 seats. The conference mixes the simultaneous interpretation system that can interpret 5 languages at the same time, which is only one in Zhuhai.

In addition, there is large sc en projection system and wired morning system in the conferences.

Office in the press center

According to the different request, the offices have chairs and equipments with the different specifications and levels. There is telephone jack and data transmission plug available in each office, and also each office is equipped with air-conditioning and broadcasting facility.

Catering in the press center

The catering covers an area of 500 square meters which can seat up to 1000 persons at the same time. The kitchen is equipped with a complete set of stainless steel cooking tools, and related appliances such as gas piping and pool.

Exhibition Hall Introduction

Three exhibition halls occupy a building area of 43,120 square meters, which can provide 1800 standard booths.

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