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Brief Introduction

Jointly hosted by China National Tourism Administration, Related Local Government, General Administration of Civil Aviation of China, CITM is a major action to develop inbound tourism, to increase foreign exchange earnings from tourism, and to promote the international status of China tourism. So far, CITM has been held successfully for seven times, in which four times in Shanghai, three times in Yunnan, has evoked strong repercussion at home and abroad, has become the largest-scale international tourism gathering in Asia with the higher profession and internationalization, it plays more and more important role in propagating to the world the achievements of reform of China tourism industry and its endless charm, and forwarding the in-depth communication and friendly cooperation between China's tourism industry and tourism circles of each country. CITM 2005, the 7th China International Tourism Mart has been held in Yunnan provincial Kunming International Exhibition Centre from Nov. 24 to 27. This section displays the following characteristics in aspects of the scale, the amounts of exhibitors, the internationalization degree and industry types:

First: Sustained expansion of the exhibition scale, the rising demand for the exhibition

Following the rising demand of exhibition, the exhibition space of CITM 2005 was further expanded with total area of 42,000 sq. meters, increased 40% than CITM 2003 in Kunnming. This section set up total 1964 exhibition booths, its scale increased by 35% and 6% compared with 2003 and 2004 respectively.

Second: More and more influent, larger and larger exhibition merchants.

As the stage of evolving the tourism cooperation between China and other countries and the platform of international tourism business, the influence of CITM was continually grew along with the increasing scale of Chinese inbound and outbound tourism, attracted more and more international and domestic exhibitors. In CITM 2005, more than 3100 exhibitors from various regions have attended the Mart, increased 82% than 1700 exhibitors in 2003, and net addition reached over 1400 exhibitors, in which 1975 are domestic, 1125 are overseas.

Third: Outstanding feature of internationalization and greater participation from the world.

Along with the speedy amalgamation and communication between Chinese tourism industry and international tourism market, the attention and participation of international tourism market towards the mart have been continuously strengthened, it mainly expressed as following: Firstly, there are more overseas exhibition booths than before, and the rate of the domestic exhibition booths to overseas ones is getting increasingly optimal.

This section total set up 1268 internal exhibition booths, 696 overseas ones, occupied 64.6% and 35.4% respectively, the structure is obviously more optimal than that of 75.6% and 24.4% in 2003. Secondly, there are 81 countries and regions attended the mart, addition 32 and 17 exhibitors than 2003 and 2004 respectively, increasing by 65% and 27%, in which ten countries and regions are the first time to participate the mart. Especially, Taiwan sightseeing association organizes 215 exhibitors of 43 exhibition booths as Taiwan region to attend the mart for the fist time, the first aims to know about new development and new products of mainland's tourism industry so that organize more Taiwan compatriots to visit mainland; the other is to publicize tourism resources and products of Taiwan regions for the mainland's tourism industry circle and visitors so that they can make preparation for traveling Taiwan regions. Thirdly, overseas buyers keep their utmost passion for the mart as usual and 1186 overseas buyers has attended the business negotiation activity. In addition, the Prime Minister of Cook and over 20 officials at ministerial grade led their groups to attend the mart.

Forth: Diversified industries and more luxuriant contents.

The types of industries continue to be diversified, covering a wide variety of the professions. According to the type of service, the exhibitors can be divided into: travel servers make up 34.99%, hotel or hotel management groups occupy 26.67%, tourism management 18.10%, tourism spots 10.34%, airline companies 4.82%, pleasure boats 1.12&, computerized reservation system and others make up 1.06%, and other tourism enterprises up 2.90%.

It held the following main activities during CITM 2005: Press conferences by CITM Organizing Committee, Reception by CITM Organizing Committee, Opening ceremony, and Award ceremony. The 19 performance companies from home and abroad acted 54 fields in Kunming International Exhibition Centre during the mart.

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